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  1. Zero New Member

    Well, in complicance with the latest article about how we all babble to much;), im making a sophisticated post. This is about the mill decktype (Im looking for mainly gizmos and FoR's opinion here). Is it possible in the new type 2? What compenents does it lack? What can be new subtutions? To get ya'll ignighted, heres FoRs decklist on the latest mill deck (I hope its ok for me to quote you FoR)

    4 Howling Mine
    3 Millstone
    4 Counterspell
    4 Disrupt
    1 Exclude
    2 Misdirection
    2 Prohibit
    3 Disenchant
    1 Fountain Watch
    2 Wrath of God
    1 Wave of Reckoning
    2 Story Circle
    4 Absorb
    2 Teferi's Moat
    1 Hanna, Ship's Navigator
    4 Coastal Tower
    4 Adarkar Wastes
    8 Island
    6 Plains
    1 Kor Haven
    1 Raths Edge

    Now, some cards that were created for mill and might be considered are;

    Wind of Denial
    Wand of Denial
    Flint Golem
    Rootwater Theif
    Rising Waters
    6th Diamonds

  2. Ura Feline Lord of the Pit

    Traditionally with me, most W/U mill type decks worked on the basis of locking down and removing any threats, which is what you've got going her nicely.
    The biggest problem or loss with mill decks of these colors right now is the really low level of targeted white creature removal spells.
    Since the new T2 is going to be much more creature heavy to an extent it would be a good idea to possibly find some targeted creature removal. The teferi's moats are good, but you don't want to be depending on the two moat and two wrath's on their own to keep control (I'm not a big fan of wave of reckoning). a third, non-countering option would be good either maindeck or in the sideboard. Exile is a posibility but it can't hit white guys. I like topple quite a bit too, but its a sorcery.
    I'd also go down to 2 or 3 disrupt in favor of something else.
    Perhaps some way to cycle through your library as well, opts are nice and cheap to do it with.
  3. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Zero, and I don't want to be a party pooper, :), but since this is about decks it should probably have gone in the Deck forum.
  4. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    So therefore I'm moving it... :)
  5. Whimsical Adorable Sliver

    T-2 is slow enough nowadays (yay! Urza block is shanghaied into the format that it's meant to be in, Extended!!!) that pure control decks are actually viable nowadays. In fact, it's slow enough for Prison decks to rear their slow and lazy heinies... :D But I digress.

    As mister Ura sir has pointed out, the lack of instant white spot removal (i.e., Plowshares) is really aggravating. 4 Wrath of Gods and 2 Teferi's Moat isn't enough. Pacifism/Arrest/Shackles are all enchantments. Exile is the closest thing you can come to Swords in the T-2 environment.

    On a side note, Wave of Reckoning is amusing ... and in the right deck (Blinding Angel/Glittery Kitties) is devastating. I'd rather run 4 Wrath of Gods personally. It's cheaper and it sweeps the board clean of everyone.

    Wand of Denial is a decent addition, though with the loss of Zuran Orb, the 2 life pop can get really painful really fast.

    Flint Golem. Eh? Why not Blinding Angel? Flint Golem has to be blocked ... and a seriously control-oriented deck like this can't handle it. Let me paraphrase that ... in a deck like this, your creatures either annoy the living heck out of your opponent (Blinding Angel) ... or are the ultimate in beatdown efficiency (Serra Angel, but even she needs the support of Swords at times).

    Ditto for Rootwater. While the card advantage may seem promising, the Thief is just too fragile.

    Adding Rising Waters would entail adding a lot of artifact mana to the deck ... thus making it into a Murky Skies deck. Waters MIGHT be a candidate.

    Fact or Fiction can be used in place of Howling Mines. Player choice.

    <smiles and shrugs> I'm sure the other members here can provide a more coherent explanation. Happy Magicking! :D
  6. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    "Exile is the closest thing you can come to Swords in the T-2 environment."

    In order of goodness...
    Last Breath

    Personally I dont think Howlers are the way to go, just sit on that Millstone and churn away.
  7. Mars New Member

    Quarterfinalist- Mike Pidgeon

    4x Counterspell
    4x Absorb
    2x Rethink
    2x Daze
    4x Wrath of God
    2x Rout
    4x Accumulated Knowledge
    4x Fact of Fiction
    2x Marble Diamond
    2x Dismantling Blow
    2x Teferi's Moat
    3x Millstone

    7x Plains
    4x Adarkar Wastes
    1x Kor Haven
    11x Islands
    2x Dust Bowl

    3x Misdirection
    2x Rout
    3x Chill
    4x Seal of Removal
    1x Teferi's Moat
    2x Disenchant

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