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  1. brooding_sliver New Member

    I know voices isn't my best deck--But it was fun to make and great to use, in a casual envoroment.

    25 Plains

    4 Voice of All
    3 Voice of Reason
    3 Voice of Law
    3 Voice of Grace
    3 Voice of Duty
    3 Voice of Truth
    3 Disciple of Grace
    4 Disciple of Law
    4 Defender of Law

    3 Angel's Feather
  2. brooding_sliver New Member

    21 views but no comment or reply, intresting......
  3. jorael Craptacular!

    hehe, personally I check all new threads and read any new comment. I only reply when I feel I can attribute something or have a different enough view to be interesting.

    As for your angel deck, I have some advice but it is really basic. Something you could have done also. That's why I hesitated to reply.

    But, no discussion, no forum, so here's my view on the deck:

    Angels will always be casual. There are no cheap angels and that cripples the whole idea. The idea of protection vs everything is cool, but maybe this takes it too far and dimishes you other options. As for example your answers vs. troublesome artifacts and enchantments.

    If I would make an angel themed deck I'd drop some voices, add some non creature spells and lose the disciples (I'd rather play them in a deck with astral slide or other knights or combo them with cards like breath of daarigaz and slice & dice).

    voice of all is cool. Another creature that fits the theme is Angelic Wall. It's common 2 mana and 0/4 flying. Great early defense. I'd add at least 4 more cheap creatures: angelic curator or angelic page. mana acceleration can do the trick too.

    I'd add some of the other voices, but not all 20. it really depends on what colors your opponents play most often, but protection from black, red & green are usually the most handy.

    Angel's feathers really fits the theme, but they are not good. Congregate (see the art: angels!) is much better in multiplayer. Heck, 1 vs 1 it can be savage. why not add some of those?

    For enchantment/artifact kill I prefer Ray of Distortion in mono white. And why not some creature control. Wrath of God fits, as does humble (this card is fun).


    My take on an angel deck would look something like this:

    Angels deserve to die

    24 plains
    4 mindstone (can be cycled)

    4 ray of distortion
    2 congregate (or more)
    4 humble

    4 angelic wall
    4 voice of all
    2 voice of duty
    2 voice of grace
    2 voice of law
    6-8 other angels (extra voices or some of the beefier angels out there)

    These are my thoughts, I hope they are of some value for ya.

    Good luck with those divine flying ladies.
  4. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    Old angel deck of mine.. worked a little bit, but only in multiplayer

    17 Creatures
    4x Haunted Angel
    4x Voice of All
    3x Voice of Grace
    2x Serra Angel (old school!)
    1x Angel of Retribution
    1x Archangel
    2x Akroma, Angel of Wrath

    7 Artifacts
    2x Cryptic Gateway
    3x Marble Diamond (could be mindstones...)
    2x Sky Diamond

    13 Other Spells
    4x Humble
    3x Impulse
    3x Boomerang
    2x Disenchant
    1x Ray of Distortion

    23 lands
    11x plains
    10x island
    2x tundra

    Was kinda fun, to sometimes be able to drop Akroma into play by tapping a Haunted Angel and a Voice.. needed more removal though.

    The Voices of All are really good; in multiplayer there is always a mono-color deck who can't handle them (and my friends usually enjoy to see someone else die to a Voice.. )

    edit: Noble Purpose would have been fun! It may be time to rebuild the deck..
  5. brooding_sliver New Member

    Thank you for your comments.....

    this is my final build

    26 Plains

    4 Voice of All
    3 Voice of Reason
    3 Voice of Law
    3 Voice of Grace
    3 Voice of Duty
    3 Voice of Truth
    4 Disciple of Grace
    4 Disciple of Law
    4 Defender of Law

    3 Angel's Feather
    3 brilliant halo

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