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    Mishra's pet sadist, Ashnod is best-known for his twisted torture devices. The Black Vice and Cursed Rack are among his best-known creations, taking much-deserved spotlight away from the Sinister Thumbscrew and the truly inspired Machine That Makes A Noise Like Fingernails Going Across The Chalkboard. Ashnod's more lukewarm creation, the Staff of Zegon, is quite in the style of the uninspired creations of his contemporaries. Passe' before it was made, you might say.

    A mighty warrior-mage, and the only wizard to induce teamwork between Northern Paladins and Stone-Throwing Devils. Chatzuk is most famous for his magical Helm, a legendary device which could give his armies the ability to band together and fight as a team when his pep talks just wouldn't do it.

    Drafna and Hurkyl
    The Blue mages Drafna and Hurkyl were once the most powerful Husband- and-Wife team in Dominia. The couple specialized in the teleportation and restoration of existing artifacts. The enchantress Hurkyl, when questioned about the tense relationship between the pair, had only one thing to say: "Drafna's just a normal husband. He leaves his toys around, and I clean them up. But Drafna's toys can blow up the house. I've yet to see a set of golf clubs do that."

    Lord Ith
    Necromancer-King of Dominia during the Dark Ages. It has been said that the only live monarch is a cautious one, and with the creation of the Maze of Ith, a labyrinth more complex than a Leviathan's digestive system, Ith was one of the safest monarchs around. He took a great many precautions, including his anti-magical wand. His 130-year reign ended when the Vesuvian Mage Mairsil took over his throne under a magical disguise. Sages are unsure of when Ith's reign ended and Mairsil's began. Perhaps just before the beginning of the Arabia-Kroog war, perhaps not.

    "Seventy-Spell Jayendae," the greatest of the Enchantresses of Antiquity, met her tragic demise in the grip of the Black Vise. Beyond this, little or nothing is known about Jayendae, the semi-mythical "Librarian of Leng."

    According to The Encyclopedia of Music and Musicians, Kormus was a reclusive disciple of the school of Black Magic. As a sinister and malignant force of evil, Kormus naturally hated the local church bell choir. Said bell choir was quite surprised when the landscape rose to attack during the third movement of "Gregorian Chant in C Minor." To this day, the members of the Samite Bell Choir shudder when they hear the word "Swamp."

    Mairsil the Pretender, whos indeterminate ancestry apparently contained some Doppleganger, was the unofficial Wizard-King of Dominia during the years following the Dark Ages. He was deposed by Lord Ith and tossed into the great furnaces of Leng, where he fussed, fumed, and changed into a great Dragon. The ashes of the North Towers of Leng are now the subject of many myths, and are even believed to be haunted.

    Often challenged but never defeated, Mox the Conjurer could bring forth such terrors as the Lord of the Pit and Gaea's Leige whilest other wizards were still trying to summon a Scryb Sprite. Mox is best known for his creation of the Mox Pearl (White), Mox Jet (Black), Mox Emerald (Green), Mox Sapphire (Blue), Mox Ruby (Red), and the Mox Cubic Zirconium (Puce)

    A pleasant young lady. Unsubstantiated roumers have linked Nevinyrral to the creation of Kudzu, the Copper Tablet and the Chaos Orb, as well as her infamous Disk. According to her autobiography (the "Diarries of Nevinyrral") the Disk of Nevinyrral was her attempt to rid herself of pesky scryb sprites. It worked.

    Due to his backwater origins, Obsianus the Artificer was considered a "bit player" in the world of Dominia. While at work as a window dresser at Mon's Fashion Emporium, Obsianus discovered his first glimmerings of magical potential and created the Obsianus Window Dummies--magical manikins that moved as real people. Obsianus turned towards more destructive pursuits (namely his Golem) when he saw the complete destruction caused by his Window Dummies as they gleefully modelled Housewares. Due to the trauma of this event Obsianus vowed never to give the Golem a bladed weapon. Modern wizards who animate the Obsianus Golem usually choose to remove the wigs and designer dresses Obsianus bequeathed upon the Golem, his greatest creation.

    Greatest of the Enchanters of the Dark Ages, Orn weathered the ancient War of the Brothers, the Ice Ages and the Age of Legends, surviving until the age of Modern Dominia through the use of his life-prolonging enchantments. It seemed that, through some unfathomable innate ability, he could cast any enchantment but an instant after it was dispelled. Through a complex battery of experimentation and dissection, the Artificer Chatzuk found the source of his power. Orn was, predictably, upset by this, but his thoughts on this matter were not recorded.

    Many myths and legends exist which deal with the famous wizard/interior decorator Tawnos, but these all seem to lack any specific information about him. Apparently Tawnos was either the apprentice to or master of Urza, or possibly both.

    Lord and Lady Ursnell
    Another well-known husband/wife team, Lord and Lady Ursnell's marriage broke up after the Battle of Piltdown. The two went their seperate ways, Lady "Ginsu" Ursnell becoming a military Artificer and Lord "Monoped" Ursnell moving his posessions to Mon's Home for Maimed Magicians.

    Urza and Mishra
    The Two Great Brothers of Puce wizardry. Creators of many great and mighty artifacts. Commanders of vast magical armies, flingers of fantastic sorcery, throwers of really nifty parties. Urza was the near-sighted one.

    Tervish "Tough Luck" Voska, Artificer from the Dark Ages, was a magician of great ambition, little power and even lesser intellect. While he lived, a brief enough time, the Mages of his period learned that the best way to deal with Voska was to enchant his toys and leave him alone. The poor soul died a victim of his own cursed devices.

    Places to Visit...
    Housed in the magical kingdom of Arabia, Alexandria was a never- ending source of strange new spells and magical research. The great sorcerers of Arabia once attempted to wage war on nearby Dominia, but were defeated when Alexandria, the font of their magical might, was struck by horrible desert tornadoes, showers of stone and hail, attacked by hordes of demons and turned into a forest (all of these horrible disasters occuring at roughly the same time). As if to add insult to injury, the mighty city of Alexandria, now a forest, collapsed into an underground sinkhole. When later questioned, the lord of Dominia (at the time, a wizard by the name of Tocasia) denied all involvement with the tragedy.

    A strange kingdom which is populated entirely by Kird Apes.

    Although the lands of Argive are now barren, they once had verdant plains and bustling cities. These were destroyed by the strange mechanical creatures that surrounded their homeland. The armies of Argive might have had a chance against these mechanized hordes, but for some unfathomable reason the Blacksmiths of Argive took to repairing the silly things.

    Before the Urza-Mishra wars the heavily forested areas of Argoth were Dominia's premier vacation spot. Now, Argoth has been blasted by the Mystic Brother's powerful artifact magic. Visiters to Argoth, be warned: don't drink the water, don't eat the food, and most importantly keep your dogs as far away from the trees as possible. They bite.

    Benalia has an intricate, byzantian caste system. Visitors to Benalia are advised to bring lots of money, as even a commoner can buy himself into royalty. There is one caste wich cannot be bought into, a caste which is not handed down from parent to child--the Hero caste. Apparently, you have to marry into that one.

    A mythical land wherin great Wizards wage mighty wars over powerful artifacts and terrible creatures. While land is always a valuable resource in Dominia, frequent disasters such as sinkholes, ice storms and fast- growing kudzu can make land development a risky proposition. Consult your real estate agent.

    A city/battleground continually swept upon by rocs. You can get an idea of how strongly the citizens of Kher value their military by examining their choices of troops--Kobolds are the ultimate in disposable roc fodder.

    Kroog, a vast metropolis, served as a focal point in the War of the Brothers of the age of Antiquities. Ironically, the city itself has no strategic value as it is populated entirely by pacifists. While Kroog itself is a very safe city to visit, the outlying regions are literally crawling with Ironclaw Orcs. Very, very content orcs.

    As with almost any "university-cities," Lat-Nam boasts a wide selection of self-professed "experts" in almost any field. The great professors of Lat-Nam Polythurge (Immortalized in that immortal verse,
    "Glory to Lat-Nam Polythurge
    Just for you our Mage hearts yern
    In Your great name we'll cast our spells
    Except when we've got Mana Burn.")
    specialize in the creation of wonderful magic, but at a very high price--in any exchange, the student of Art will come out behind.
    One oft-asked question about Lat-Nam is: "If they're so damn smart, how come they've only got one Sage?" The answer to this question is still a mystery.

    The greatest city of knowledge in Dominia, Leng is universally recognized as the foremost receptacle of magical lore in the kingdom. Before his tragic demise, the great wizard Tawnos described Leng's libraries as "So big you could die before you learned all that they contain." Tawnos was found later, stiff as a board, and was buried with the appropriate ceremonies.

    A hellish land of swirling clouds of steam and smoke, slick and glistening pools of grease and swarms of sinister creatures bourn of Black magic. It's rather like Detroit.

    The lands around the Savaen Woods remained undefiled through three Ages of Legend. The actions of the Savaen Elves prevented the pollution of their homeland, though the areas around Savaen Woods have been reduced to desert. Biased as they were against ANY form of enchantment, the Elves would even unthread the blessing of the Rite of Consecration. Urza Enterprises used this to great effect by destroying the lands with a great snowstorm. Ah, those were the days.

    Scarwood Forest
    According to A Tourist's Guide To Dominia, by Maeveen O'Donagh, Scarwood is "A joyous, happy woodland where quaint natives are only too delighted to lend a helping hand for only the slightest of fees." It has been suggested that Maeveen O'Donagh is not fond of tourists, but only time--and the satisfied grins of the local scavengers--will tell.

    From: Diana Michelle D'Emeraude; Last updated: August 13, 1994
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    A lot of this is incorrect, actually. For one, Nevinyrral was a necromancer who lived on urborg, and, in a last attempt to stop his enemies from getting his treasure, blew the disk and destroyed everything. To this day, urborgians claim to be his loyal commanders.
    Mox is not a person...
    Is this supposed to be a joke? Obsianus? Kormus? None were people, I think. I wouldn't bring myself to trust any thing here, although some of them have some relation to the real thing.

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    Well, the bottom of that whole thing says it was from 1994, so a lot was probably speculation at that point since the "story" hadn't really developed yet.
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    Now all of them are dead, and we have a new storyline that is kinda kinky if you ask some of us
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