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Discussion in 'Rules Questions' started by Neo_Keo, Oct 21, 2001.

  1. Neo_Keo -=[I]=- []2ice |Voodles

    If I cast Time stretch and on turn 1 of my extra turn I cast another time stretch. Do I get 3 turns or only 2 more turns.

    Pleases don't ask me why I'm asking this but I say 3 and some say 2 and the only justification they can give me is taht either the second timestretch overlapps 1 another or that one cancels out ( confuse? so am I and I try to reason)
  2. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    If you play Time Stretch during your first extra turn, you will get two additional turns following that one. Then you will get your second extra turn from the first Time Stretch.

    That's three all together, and I honestly think that one would have to be crazy to see it any other way. :p
  3. EricBess Active Member

    Yes, you get 3 turns. I'd need to check on the order of turns, though. Extra turns are taken in the order that the effects resolve. They do not "insert". However, I'm not sure about getting an extra turn during one of two extra turns.

    For your question, that's not really important, though.
  4. cbearsbro Nightwing

    Quick clarification about the card. It lets me draw, main phase, attack, etc. Then lets me untap, draw, etc another 2 turns, right? Wanna make sure I play it right if I ever decide to do so :)
  5. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    It doesn't let you do the second sentence. You still have to finish out your current turn (at least go through the Cleanup Step). Then you can take two more turns where of course you untap, upkeep, draw, main, attack, main, cleanup, repeat.
  6. cbearsbro Nightwing

    That's what I meant. Was just too lazy to type all the steps involved in my first turn :p Thanks for the clarification :)

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