Thran Weaponry

Discussion in 'Rules Questions' started by TheShieldBearer, Dec 13, 2000.

  1. TheShieldBearer New Member

    Basically i was wonderin if Thran Weaponry says all creatures I assume that means even my opponents, and so why the hell is it so rare, all it does is make bigger creatures all around.,..??

    Anyway What do you guys think about the next expansion coming out Plane Shift, sounds cool but I don't know any thing about it like new abilities or anything/ Anyone know somethin..
  2. Landkiller CPA Menace

    Yes, it will affect all creatures, even opponent's creatures.

    I imagine it's rare because it's like Furnace of Rath for any color.

    You Wildfire away all the nasty little men, and Boost your guys for a big attack the next turn.

    Probably other uses are better(Thran Weaponry + Meekstone + Kismet), but generally, it's a card that is meant to be used when you are control.

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