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    Im confused about the whole border/portal thing to phyrexia. As near as I can tell, Glacian from The Thran made it, and Urza and Mishra broke it as kids. However, I was reading Timelines the other day, and it talks of other borders and stuff. Can someone compile a chronocological list telling of any information involving the Might and Weak stone.

    Also, did Radiant rip out these stones? If so, are they permenently gone?
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  3. terzarima New Member

    'Fraid not.

    Dyfed Made it for Yawgmoth to help the Thran society.
    The portal could only be closed by putting the two charged stones on the pedastel.
    Yawgmoth put the two stones in Glacian, who died because of them. The stones absorb him.
    Glacians wife, Reebca, put the stones(as one) in the pedastal, closing the portal.

    Urza and Mishra find the stones and break them into their parts, mightstone and weakstone. By taking the stones out, the portal is opened.
    Radiant took the stones out of Urza's eye's, but when she tried to put them together, she went BOOM, and Urza got them back.
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    Ok, cool.

    So he has them now, right?

    And also, why didnt phyrexia invade Dominira when the portal was first opened. Im sure it would have been easier without the aid of the bloodlines and Urza for the Allied side. Maybe it took them alot of time to prepare...
  5. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    Yep, he's got his 'stones back.

    When the portal first opened, the Phyrexians weren't even aware that it was open. It wasnt until Mishra traveled to Phyrexia during what he thought was a dream that Gix detected him and saw that the portal was open. He went through, and apparently forgot to tell everybody else.
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    Lol...Gix reminds me of myself.

    You know, I think its actually possible it would take them so long to prepare. It took America a year to immobilize their army for WWI...granted this is a couple hundred centuries difference, but still plausible.
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    I think the thing with Gix might be due to The Thran being written after The Brothers War and PlanesWalker. If The Thran had been written first, some of the threads might not be so jumbled.
    Off topic...I'd love to see a book by King picking up the time between the end of The Thran and the kickoff of the ivasion of Dominaria. It could be called "Phyrexia" or something short sweet and cool like that...

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