testing card tags


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You have to get the actual card link. From your link, click on Rancor, then right click the card (since it opens a new window without the card link) and Click Open New Link in New Window and a new window will open with the card link.



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If you just want the image of the card itself, right click on the card image in gatherer (or wherever you are looking at it), and copy and paste the code under "Source". That will link to the image only.

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Here's my REAL question: How can I pre-pare my list on "word" with the links before I copy/paste & post it on the forums?


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Why are you not using this type of tag?


This is easy to use in Excel.
Column A = [ Then url=gatherer.wizards.com/gathererlookup.asp?name=
Column B = Card name (spelling is important)
Column c = ]
Column D = [/url]
In column E type this string =A1&B1&C1&B1&D1
Then just select column E, Copy and Paste by Value
Copy the cell in column E and paste into the message window

Remove the red Then in the column A string.... needed to add it to keep it visible

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Where in the world is BPC
Is it possible to get tags like on Gleemax? There, it's so easy-[card]rancor[/card]
= rancor link to gatherer
[card=tarmogoyf]the evil wallet-eater[/card]=the evil wallet-eater as a link to tarmogoyf.


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It's been asked but never given - the webmaster Ed Sullivan has to do that and he's just really maintaining the site but not really adding stuff anymore.