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  1. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    Not so much a question, but a bit of a teaser for you. Spot the deliberate mistake :D

    I am playing in the Apocalypse Pre-Release, and we are midway into a game (in fact it`s turn five because I`ve not missed any land drops and I`m about to get to five mana). The pertinent facts are:

    My opponent is Random Mexican, he has in play a Coalition Honor Guard, a Llanowar Dead, and an Ebony Treefolk (the beatstick of choice my god is this man fat, BTW). I have in hand a Repulse and a Dead Ringers and it is the end of my opponent`s fifth turn, about to go into my fifth turn.

    I call a judge over in my opponent`s end phase to ask if I would be able to Ringers the two creatures, or would I be forced to target the Coalition Honor Guard instead? Judge A (lvl 2) arrives, and I ask him my question - it`s only round three and already I can tell from the way his eyes glaze over that he`s heard the words 'Coalition Honor Guard' far too often that morning. He thinks for a bit, 'I`ll have to go and get the head judge' he suggests. Fine by me, I say, and off he toddles to come back with Judge B (lvl 3) in tow.
    I explain the situation while Judge A looks on (not because he was needed, I just think he wanted to look busy so nobody else would ask him about the Honor Guard or Dead Ringers). Judge B thinks for a few seconds then says, 'No, you would have to target the Honor Guard'
    'Are you sure?', I ask.
    'I don`t think that`s right, because I cannot legally target the Honor Guard as I need two targets of the same color', I opine.
    'No, the errata on Honor Guard that we recieved this morning changes that'
    'The errata has nothing to do with this at all, all the errata did was make the Honor Guard affect triggered effects'
    'No, you`d have to target it' the head judge tells me.
    'I disagree, if there was another white creature then I wouldn`t argue, but I need two targets so the Honor Guard`s ability won`t trigger because of the fact that I can`t legally target just one creature'
    'Hmmmm, I`ll get the book' and off goes Judge B, obviously a bit narked that I`m not just accepting the ruling.
    By this time Judges C and D (both lvl 2) are gathered round the table because we are now heading for a bona fide 'ruling' that they will need to know later in the day. Judge C is quietly reading all the cards in play when Judge B returns, bearing the hefty FAQ for judges.
    'Ok, I think you are right and you`d be able to kill the Llanowar Dead and Ebonic Treefolk, because there is no way you can legally target the Honor Guard, I`ll accept that.' says Judge B, when Judge C chips in.
    'Actually, there doesn`t need to be creatures of the same color because Dead Ringer`s only targetting restriction is that it targets two creatures, color only matters on resolution.'
    'DOES IT?' say five people, and we all read Dead Ringers.
    'Ok,' I say, 'that`s different then, I`ll not argue with that. In that case at the end of your turn I`ll Repulse the Honor Guard, and then in my turn I`ll Ringers the Llanowar Dead and the Treefolk.'
    The judges all sort of give a 'thank god for that, I thought we`d be here all day with another feckin Honor Guard question' sort of sigh, watch my next turn as a kill all his guys with my cunning masterplan, and then leave.

    Problem solved.

    So, did you spot it the deliberate* mistake?
    Everybody watching but not a judge or a player involved in the game spotted it.

    *mistake was not actually deliberate.
  2. Lotus Mox New Member

    Dead Ringers can only target non-black creatures, Ebony Treefolk and Llanowar Dead are both black :)
  3. EricBess Active Member

    I'm assuming the fact that Dead Ringers is a sorcery is irrelevant as you were planning on waiting until your turn to cast it anyway. Thus, you asked while you still had the option to Repulse if needed.
  4. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I had no idea and I didn't feel like looking up the cards ;) so I was waiting to see what you guys said :)
  5. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    Yep, black guys it is. we had about 14 levels of judgind watching and all missed it. Doh!

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