Tainted Aether

Discussion in 'Single Card Strategies' started by Cateran Emperor, Apr 1, 2001.

  1. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    Tainted Aether
    Enchantment (R - Urza's Saga, 7th)

    You know, when Tainted Aether was first out, I completely ignored it. It didn't break the game, so I simply ruled it out as irrelevant. When I saw it in person in 7th, my first reaction was "Hey, this is kind of good." Then I realized that I was wrong, this might be amazing!

    If you're thinking about it competitively, think about it for a second against all the decks right now. Want an Elf? Okay, toss a land. That Rebel's now going to cost you a land. Saproling tokens are now a land or creature each!

    In a more casual sense, this card is wacky fun in multiplayer. I actually made a sadistic deck based around this, Grave Pact, and Nether Spirit (now that's a dirty combo!)
  2. Landkiller CPA Menace

    Tainted Aether is a perfect fit for a control deck that, lacking it's own creatures - except Chimeric Idol, uses Dominate and Desertion to acquire the creatures they saw fit to sack something for.

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