Stake a Claim


Magic Jones
type: Instant
Casting Cost: UU

Choose a basic Land Type.

Choose 1: The next time you play a spell, you may change all instances of basic land types to the chosen land type; or if you play a land, you may change its land type to the chosen land type.


Evil Sith Weasel
Hmmm...would this be the answer to my Volcanic Erruption issues? Since it goes off first?....or is this still too late. I have always been a bit fuzzy on the "legal target" issues.


CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant
Staff member
It would be the answer if you played this first and then the Eruption so it'd be the next spell.


The Wildcard!!!...
Sorry Blue - but it's got "U" in the cc - not a fan...

Like the concept - just not the "U"...

Unless you make a cycle of them - like the laces - hint, hint....