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  1. Child of Gaea Phantom CPA Founder

    Thanks for visiting my thread! Please use common sense and don't be a jerk. My current emphasis is completing more sets! I like to trade similarly valued cards but am open to all trades!
    Ask about condition and reg rules apply!


    Full sets
    Partial sets - i'll complete them

    4th edition:
    2x Wrath of God
    Nevinyrral's Disk

    Sage of Hours
    Prophetic Flamespeaker
    Athreos, God of Passage
    Iroas, God of Victory
    Pharika, God of Affliction
    Temple of Epiphany

    Return to Ravnica:

    Angel of Serenity
    Martial Law
    Jace Architect of Thought
    Utvara Hellkite
    Worldspine Wurm
    Isperia Supreme Judge
    Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius
    Rakdos, Lord of Riots
    Sphinx's Revelation
    Trostani, Selesnya's Voice
    Vraska the Unseen
    Nivmagus Elemental
    Steam Vents
    Basic Lands

    Born of the Gods:
    Brimaz, King of Oreskos
    Fated Retribution
    Flame Wreathed phoenix
    Courser of Kruphix
    Kiora, the Crashing Wave
    Temple of Plenty


    Heliod, God of the Sun
    Spear of Heliod
    Artisan of Forms
    Master of Waves
    Erebos, God of the Dead
    Bow of Nylea
    Nylea, God of the Hunt
    Temple of Silence

    Dragon's Maze:

    Legion's Initiative
    Voice of Resurgence
    Maze's End

    Jace, the Living Guildpact
    Liliana Vests
    Ajani Steadfast

    Deck/other wants:
    3x Fulminator Mage
    2x Crucible of Worlds
    The Abyss
    4x Badlands
    Mox Diamond
    2x Painter's Servant
    Gaea's Cradle
    Rishadan Port
    City of Traitors
    Force of Will
    Sliver Queen STH

    I also am very interested in trading my extra complete sets for other complete sets. I will always look at lists.

  2. Child of Gaea Phantom CPA Founder

    Haves :

    3x Mox Diamond (1 FTV 2 STH) 33 28.5
    Fulminator Mage French 40
    Crucible of Worlds French Fifth Dawn 26.5
    Crucible of Worlds French Xth 26.5
    [foil]Eladamri's Call 45
    Daze 110 [/foil]
    5x Sinkhole (UNL) 27
    2x Wasteland NM 80
    2x Lion's eye diamond NM 88
    Guru Island 288
    Guru plains 144
    3x Maze of Ith 2NM 22
    5x Blood Moon 25

    Blood Crypt Dis 12
    3x Abrupt Decay 12.5
    3x Thoughtseize 17
    Stormbreath Dragon 12
    2x Enlightened Tutor 14
    3x Grindstone 16
    4x Sylvan Library 18
    Keranos, God of Storms 15
    No Mercy 11
    Land Tax 5th 14
    [foil] Aura Shards 19.5 [/foil]

    4x Bloodghast (2 signed) 9.25
    Battlefield Forge APOC 4.5
    Evacuation 1.5
    4x Nether Spirit 3.5
    5x Temple of Malice 4
    2x Blood Crypt RtR 9
    4x Inquisition of Kozilek 6
    3x Hero's Downfall 6.5
    3x Supreme Verdict 3.25
    Godsend 5
    Sylvan Caryatid 8
    Elbrus, the Binding Blade 3.5
    4x Rev Bop 4
    2x Undiscovered Paradise 6
    4x Mana Vault Rev 2-4th 5th 5
    29x Beta Plains 4
    28x Beta Island 6
    26x Beta Forest 5
    20x Beta Mountain 5
    20x Beta Swamp 5
    All Ice Age snow covered x 9
    2x Final Fortune 1
    2x Firestorm 6.75
    2x Greater Good 7.75
    5x Illusions of Grandeur 3.5
    2x Karmic Guide 5
    3x Lifeline 3.5
    5x Lord of Atlantis 4th 4
    4x Lord of Atlantis Rev 4
    6x Mind Twist 3
    4x Propaganda 2
    4x Sylvan Library 18
    5x Avalanche Riders 2
    8x Lotus Petal (sp) 3
    4x Forbid 1
    10x Daze 3
    5x Rancor 1.5
    6x Gemstone Mine 6.25
    5x Thran Dynamo 6.5
    Masticore 2.25
    2x Apocalypse 2.75
    Desolation Angel 1.5
    2x Persecute 1
    2x Pox 5th 3
    3x Pox Ice Age 3
    4x Beta Terror 4
    Grave Pact 9.5
    Phyrexian Arena 9
    2x Mystical Tutor 5.5
    2x Opposition 3
    4x Charisma 3.5
    5x Dissipate 1
    5x Donate 2
    Great Whale 3
    2x Worldly Tutor 3.5
    Concordant Crossroads 4.5
    Nut Collector 2.75
    10x Swords to Plowshares 2
    2x Mana Web 3
    Jet Medallion 7.5
    Memory Jar 5
    Nevinyrral's Disk 5th 4
    Pearl Medallion 7.25
    Ruby Medallion 7.5
    [foil] Aetherling 6
    Charisma x2 8
    Chimeric Idol 3.5
    Psychatog 4.5
    Skizzik 7
    Spore Frog 5.5
    Dispel RtR 1
    2x Negate M11 1
    Mana leak M11 3.5
    4x Gainsay 1
    4x Dissolve 3.5
    2x Syncopate 6
    4x Planar Cleansing 1.5
    3x Quicken 3.5
    4x Sire of Insanity
    4x Sulfurous Springs [/foil]

    The Rest

    Complete Sets
    4x 4th Edition
    2x Revised (no DUALS)
    5th Edition
    Time Spiral (factory sealed)
    Saviors of Kamigawa
    4x Fallen Empires
    4x Chronicles
    2x The Dark
    4x Ice Age
    4x Homelands

    Artist Signed Cards:
    2x Kazandu Refuge
    3x Howling Mine 2-4th Rev
    4x FBB Hypnotic Specter
    Feldons Cane Antiquities
    Knight of Dawn
    Phyrexian Processor
    Reflect Damage
    Shivan Warm
    Sulfurous Springs 9th
    Yawgmoths Agenda

    Random bulk and a few decent


    2x Boil
    2x Puppets Verdict
    2x Thundermare
    3x Crater Hellion
    3x Flowstone Overseer
    3x Volcanic Dragon
    3x Wildfire
    4x Antagonism
    6x Pillage
    Bloodfire Colossus
    Bogardan Phoenix
    Crimson Hellkite 6th
    Desolation Giant
    Devastating Dreams
    Dwarven Shrine
    Emberwilde Djinn
    Fault Line
    Flailing Manticore
    Flowstone Slide
    Hammer of Bogarden HP 6th
    Heat Stroke
    Hellion Eruption
    Hivis of the Scale
    Illicit Auction
    Invasion Plans
    Mana Clash 7th
    Maraxus of Keld
    No Quarter
    Rathi Dragon
    Relentless Assault
    Wild Research
    Wildfire Emissary

    2x Body Snatcher
    2x Darkest Hour
    2x Hidden Horror
    2x Morinfen
    2x Parallax Nexus
    2x Perish
    2x Persecute
    2x Pit Spawn
    3x Diving Witch
    3x Forbidden Crypt
    3x Gallowbraid
    5x Catacomb Dragon
    Abyssal Horror 7th
    Apprentice Necromancer
    Braids Cabal Minion
    Cemetery Reaper
    Corrupt Official
    Death Pit Offering
    Discordant Dirge
    Dread Reaper
    Dregs of Sorrow
    Eastern Paladin
    Ill Gotten Gains
    Lord of the Pit
    Midnight Ritual
    Phyrexian Plaguelord
    Planar Despair
    Rebel Informer
    Repentant Vampire
    Sewers of Estark
    Skeleton Scanners
    Sleeper Agent
    Sorceress Queen
    The Wretched
    Traveling Plague
    Unnatural Hunger

    2x Meddle
    3x Rainbow Efreet
    3x Reins of Power
    3x Sunder
    4x Fleeting Image
    4x Rising Waters
    4x Silver Wyvern
    6x Arcane Denial
    Ancestral Knowledge
    Ancestral Memories 7th
    Aura Thief
    Bazaar of Wonders
    Benthic Behemoth
    Blizzard Elemental
    Cephalid Retainer
    Daring Apprentice 6th
    Delusions of Mediocrity
    Drifting Djinn
    Ertai's Meddling
    Library of Lat-Nam 6th
    Mahamoti Djinn x X
    Mist Dragon
    Rayne Academy Chancellor
    Sand Squid
    Saprazzan Bailiff

    2x Verduran Enchantress 7th
    2x Whirlwind
    3x Citanul Centaurs
    3x Recycle
    3x Spontaneous Generation
    4x Overlaid Terrain
    Ancient Silverback
    Canopy Dragon
    Clear the Land
    Early Harvest
    Elder Druid
    Greener Pastures
    Hidden Predators
    Holistic Wisdom
    Kavu Mauler
    Mongrel Pack
    Natural Balance
    Nature's Revolt
    Skyshroud Poacher
    Spike Hatcher
    Verdant Force Italian
    Verdant Touch
    Vernal Equinox

    2x Aura of Silence
    2x Paladin en-Vec
    2x Purify
    2x Spirit Mirror
    3x Archangel
    3x Celestial Dawn
    3x Equipoise
    3x Field of Souls
    3x Sacred Ground
    3x Serra's Liturgy
    3x Southern Paladin
    4x Planar Birth
    Alabaster Dragon
    Avenging Angel
    Cho-Arrim Alchemist
    Cho-Arrim Bruiser
    Cornered Market
    Divine Sacrament
    Faith Healer
    False Dawn
    False Prophet
    Honor the Fallen
    Jhovall Queen
    Knight Exemplar
    Master Healer
    Melesse Spirit
    Null Chamber
    Opal Avenger
    Opal Titan
    Oracles Attendants
    Orim Semite Healer
    Palisade Giant
    Pearl Dragon
    Planar Collapse
    Ramosian Sky Marshall
    Rappelling Scouts
    Sacred Ground
    Soltari Champion
    Soul Echo
    Spectral Lynx
    Tethered Griffin
    Wall of Nets
    Warrior Angel
    Winds of Rath

    2x Eye of Yawgmoth
    2x Kill Switch
    2x Kyren Archive
    2x Legacy Weapon
    2x Mercadian Atlas
    2x Wheel of Torture
    3x Crooked Scales
    3x Thran Lens
    4x Puppet Strings
    5x Storage Matrix
    Amber Prison
    Booby Trap
    Cold Storage
    Complex Automaton
    Copper Gnomes
    Dingus Egg
    Echo Chamber
    Grinning Totem
    Helm of Awakening
    Helm of Possession
    Horn of Ramos
    Iron Maiden
    Junk Diver
    Kyren Toy
    Magistrate's Scepter
    Noetic Scales
    Random Diamonds of all types
    Razor Pendulum
    Rishadan Pawnshop
    Scalding Tongs
    Static Orb 7th
    Storm Cauldron
    Temporal Aperture
    Thopter Squadron
    Thran Golem
    Thran Weaponry
    Torture Chamber
    Urza's Blueprints
    Volrath's Laboratory
    Winter Orb

    [foil] Alabaster Leech
    Archetype of Courage
    Blood Tyrant
    Bloodcrazed Neonates
    Candles of Leng
    Clarion Ultimatum
    Contested War Zone
    Conundrum Sphinx
    Curse of the Bloody Tome
    Deaths Presence
    Destructive Force
    Diabolic Tutor 2014
    Dissipation Field
    Dominaria's Judgment
    Emmara Tandris
    Golgari Longlegs
    Hamletback Goliath
    HamletbańČk Goliath
    Head Games
    Hellspark Elemental
    Hum of the Radix
    Ice Cave
    Icy Manipulator
    Jaces Ingenuity
    Jackal Pup
    Jwari Shapeshifter
    Lich's Tomb
    Lodestone Myr
    Ludevics Abomination
    Ludevics Test Subject
    Magma Phoenix
    Meletis Charlatan
    Mondronen Shaman
    Moonsilver Spear
    Mortal's Ardor
    Nearheath Stalker
    Noble Panther
    Obelisk of Alar
    Ogre's Cleaver
    Okina Nightwatch
    Oonas Backyard
    Personal Sanctuary
    Phyrexian Lens
    Phyrexian Negator
    Plague Stinger
    Pyxis of Pandemonium
    Radiant's Dragoons
    Rath's Edge
    Righteous Authority
    Rise from the Grave
    Rumbling Slum
    Seal of Fire
    Second Chance
    Security Detail
    Shell of the Last Kappa
    Soul Conduit
    Sphinx of Mogosi
    Throne of Empires
    Tormented Soul
    Tower of Calamities
    Trait Doctoring
    Triad of Fates
    Twinning Glass
    Undercity Plague
    Whispering Madness
    Yavimaya Enchantress
    Battering Krasis
    Chronicler of Heroes
    Curse of Misfortunes
    Decorated Griffin
    Dimir Cluestone
    Epiphany Storm
    Fade into Antiquity
    Faerie Imposter
    Far // Away
    Feral Invocation
    Frost Breath
    Grizzled Outcasts
    Haunter of Nightveil
    Hythonia the Cruel
    Increasing Devotion
    Infinite Reflection
    Lost in a Labyrinths
    Midvast Protector
    Observant Alseid
    Pilfered Plans
    Pillar of War
    Prognostic Sphinx
    Scion of Vitu-Ghazi
    Siren of the Fanged Coast
    Tithe Drinker
    Volatile Rig [/foil]
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