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  1. What are our idea of PLaneshift and Apocalypse?

    I think in Apocalypse Dominaria is destroyed, then Teferi and co phase back on a different plane (oddessey) and want to go home.
    Then Teferi will be judge for his 'crime' (people think he put them there, unaware that their plane is destroyed) in Jugdement.
    And finally in Vendetta, Teferi goes after Urza for messing up his life.


    Dominaria gets blasted into pieces, and in Odessey Urza goes after them trying to put them back together.
    When he is ready, he gets jugded and gets banished.
    And finally in Vendetta Urza goes after the ones who banished him.


    Ertai escapes and becomes planewalker. He travels through the Multiverse, causing trouble everywhere he goes.
    Then finally he gets caught and gets judged by the remaining titans or something like that.
    Finally Ertai goes after Urza to avenge Yawgie.

    Someone any comments and don't tell me they suck, because I already know that.
  2. Namielus Phrexian Plaguelord

    I'm thinking that apoc is gonna be the other invasion, the invasion of phex, that will kick ass! I can just imagen thet power cards that will come out, and rath is just about to overlay on doma.

    And teferi is out of the picture for 1000 years.... maybe not that much for uzra, but too much for just about any other characters.

    And I want to find more out about those planewalkers that uzra gathered to use the titans...

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  3. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    Thankfully, WotC has stated that Apocalypse is the END of the whole Urza storyline. Odyssey will supposedly start a whole new storyline on a whole new plane. My thoughts:

    Planeshift: Rath fades in, Urza goes there and kicks general ass. He finds a gateway to a deep Sphere in Phyrexia (probably at least the 6th Sphere), so that he and his crew of other planeswalking badasses shift in below all the Phyrexian defense and go fight the big Y himself.

    Apocalypse: Yawgie Bear kills off one or two of Urza's buddies, then is critically wounded by the rest. Just as he's about to die, Y-man casts the Sylex spell AGAIN and completely annihilates almost all of Phyrexia. When he dies, the plane begins to collapse and Urza and his buds are trapped there. We never are let in on what Urza's fate is, with the story fading out just as Phyrexia implodes...

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