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Discussion in 'Rules Questions' started by Mikeymike, Sep 14, 2001.

  1. Mikeymike Captain Hiatus

    1) What happens when you Fork a Kicked Orim's Thunder and other kickable spells? Do the kicker's get copied?

    2) I've got an Unstable shapeshifter in play. My teammate plays an un-kicked Skizzik which dies at the end of the turn. Does the shapeshifter die also?

    3) My opponent has 2 BoP's out. I've got Unnatural Selection (cough *broken* cough), and I target one 'Legend' and the other 'Legend'. Do they both die or does one die? This is in regards to a debate my friend and I were having regarding the Legend rule. My thought was that the 2nd one would die b/c the first one gets Legend priority. His thought was that Legend priority only happens when they 'come into play' and since the second one changes states it forces both to die, or something like that.

    4) Why does the Acadmy Rector / Confiscate / Morphling thing work? Doesn't it just seem like a stupid leftover of 6th ed. rules?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Lotus Mox New Member

    1) yes kicker on spells gets copied.

    2) yes, I think even if the skizzik is kicked he would die, because copying permanents don't copy kicker.

    3) The 2nd one will die.

    4) It works because the enchantment is put into play, and a local enchantment is only targeted if you actually play it, not when is put into play by other means (like Academy rector or Replenish, or if it gets moved via Enchantment Alteration), and even while the Morphling can't be target of spells and abilities it can be enchanted by enchantments.

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