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    Alright. To 'play' something, you follow these steps:

    That's a lot of stuff you have to do to 'play' something. Most of it, though, we do intuitivly. Also note, that once something is 'played,' it is on the stack and waiting to resolve. It is not 'in play.' Its on the stack.

    Here's how 'put into play' works.

    Take the thing from the zone it is leaving (library, hand, ethreal [unofficial] creation-of-a-token zone, etc). Place it into the 'in play' zone. End of Discussion. That's it. From here<--------PLOP------>to here. Nothing in between, no steps, no going onto the stack and waiting to resolve. It just hops directly into play.

    So what does this mean with a ripplecritter? Well, the ripple hits when the card is played. Playing follows all those steps, and happens before the creature resolves.

    If you 'put it into play,' it bypasses all that stack nonsense, and isn't played. Its just put into the place where creatures attack and block, and land is tapped and such.

    NOW do you understand, Lythand?
  2. Lythand Veteran CPA Member

    Yes, and it also helps me understand my sacrifice question in the other thread. Thanks

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