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    Here are some of the cards from my set. Please give any opinions, suggestions, constructive criticisms and/or praise that you want:

    Deliverance XXW
    Instant Rare
    Play only during combat. For each untapped white creature that you tap as you play Deliverance, it costs 2 less to play. Put X 3/3 white Angel creature tokens into play. They have flying and "Whenever this creature deals damage, gain that much life." Remove them from the game at end of combat.

    Eye of Serra 3WW
    Creature - Angel Rare
    Creatures you control have flying. Attacking doesn't cause creatures you control to tap.

    Golden Knight 1WW
    Creature - Knight Rare
    First strike.
    Sacrifice Golden Knight: Search your library for an artifact or enchantment card and reveal it. Shuffle your library and put the revealed card on top of it.

    Curious Sprite 2UU
    Creature - Faerie Rare
    Whenever Curious Sprite deals damage to a player, draw a card.
    Whenever Curious Sprite blocks or is blocked by a creature, return that creature to owner's hand at end of combat.
    U: Untap Curious Sprite.
    U: Return Curious Sprite to owner's hand.

    First Aparril 1U
    Instant Common
    Put target creature on top of its owner's library unless he or she pays <2>.

    Hinder 3U
    Instant Common
    Counter target spell. Search your library for a Hinder card, reveal it and put it into your hand. Shuffle your library.

    Wraith's Morphing UU
    Instant Rare
    Change the text of target spell or permanent by replacing all instances of one card type word with another.

    Bubbling Contagion 5B
    Creature - Plague Rare
    At the beginning of your upkeep, put a Bubbling contagion creature token into play that's an exact copy of this creature.

    Cull 2BB
    Sorcery Rare
    Name an ability. Ignoring card names and activation costs, destroy all creatures with the named ability. They can't be regenerated.

    Dark Knight 1BB
    Creature - Knight Rare
    First strike.
    Sacrifice Dark Knight: Target player reveals his or her hand. Choose a non-creature, non-land card from it and that player discards the chosen card.

    Davvol, King of Phyrexia 3BB [Don't worry about the cheesy name, it's intentional and does fit in, trust me.]
    Creature - Legend Rare
    XXBB,T,Pay X life: Destroy up to X target non-black creatures. They can't be regenerated.

    Infection 1B
    Instant Common
    Destroy target non-black creature at end of turn. It can't be regenerated.

    Davvol's Gaze 1B
    Instant Common
    Target creature gets -3/-2 until end of turn.

    Kundam's Song 1B
    Sorcery Common
    Target player discards two cards at random. Discard a card.

    Necrosensure BB
    Sorcery Uncommon
    Set any number of cards from the top of your library aside. Then reveal those cards and lose life equal to their total converted mana costs. Put those cards into your hand and lose half your life, rounded down.

    Necrotic Spectre 3BB
    Creature - Spectre Rare
    Whenever Necrotic Spectre deals combat damage to a player, that player discards a card at random. Whenever a creature card is put into a graveyard, put a +1/+1 counter on Necrotic Spectre.

    Dreenix the Flame 4RR
    Creature - Dragon Phoenix Legend Rare
    R: +1/+0 until end of turn.
    At the beginning of your upkeep, if Dreenix the Flame is in your graveyard, you may pay RRRRRR to return it to play.

    Green Gang R
    Creature - Goblin Common
    Green Gang cannot block.

    Blessing Tree 1GG
    Creature - Tree Wall Rare
    Each card you control cannot be the target of spells or abilities.

    Champion of Gaea 4GGGG
    Creature - Elemental Rare
    When Champion of Gaea comes into play, put 8 1/1 green Saproling creature tokens into play.
    When Champion of Gaea is put into a graveyard from play, unless it was sacrificed, return it to owner's hand.

    Gorarn, Valebase Prince GG
    Creature - Elf Legend Rare
    Pay 2 life: Add G to your mana pool.

    Predation 3GG
    Enchantment Uncommon
    As Predation comes into play, choose two creature types. Creatures of the first type get +1/+1. Creatures of the second type get -1/-1 until end of turn.

    Verdant Horizon G
    Sorcery Common
    Choose a land card in your hand and put it into play, tapped. If you do, draw a card.

    Mnemonic Phoenix 3RG
    Creature - Phoenix Rare
    When Mnemonic Phoenix is put into a graveyard from play, return it to owner's hand.
    Whenever a spell or effect an opponent controls causes you to discard Mnemonic Phoenix, put it into play instead of into your graveyard.

    Ring of Time 3
    Artifact Rare
    2,T: Tap or untap target artifact, creature or land. Ring of Time deals 1 damage to you.

    Echoing Wall
    Legendary Land Rare
    T: Add <1> to your mana pool.
    2,T: Draw a card, then discard a card.

    Please let me know what you think!

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