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    From : Winter, Jason <>
    Sent : Wednesday, April 14, 2004 12:21 PM


    Thanks everyone for your work on the last two issues, and I hope you had a happy
    Easter! If you haven't submitted your article(s) for issue #73 yet, the due date
    is Monday the 19th. To help with your queries, the CCG/CMG release schedule is
    at the end of this message.

    I'd like to take a little time and space here to talk about reviews - you'll
    also notice that I've included a copy of the writer's guidelines for reviews,
    because I learned that some of you hadn't received it. Of course, I suggest you
    read it :) but here are a few important things to know:

    Definition of review. A "review," for purposes of assignments, is only a review
    of a new game or, occasionally, a supplement for a game that presents a new
    world and/or new set of rules (like a d20 sourcebook for a new setting), or new
    editions that are significantly different from previous editions of a product. A
    review must include both the text of the review and the ratings/info box, found
    at the bottom of every review page in the magazine. The given word count only
    applies to the text of the article, not these "extras."

    Informally, you or I might use the word "review" to refer to an article
    describing a new expansion set for a CCG (like, "I want to write a review of the
    next Magic set."). This is really a strategy/first cut article and adheres to
    the guidelines for normal articles - not for reviews.

    What we're looking for. We've been getting very few queries for role-playing and
    videogame reviews. We'll take just about any role-playing game (subject to the
    guidelines above), and we'll take videogames that have a strong CCG or general
    gaming tie (like D&D or Vampire-based videogames).

    What we're not looking for. Again, in addition to the above guidelines, only
    submit queries for games that have been (or will shortly be) released in the
    United States, in English. I know there are plenty of good games coming over
    from Germany in their native language, but until they get translated, we won't
    put them in the magazine.

    Style notes of the month:
    A few things to keep in mind when referring to people or entitities:

    Companies are singular. Companies (Wizards of the Coast, Decipher, WizKids,
    etc.) are always singular and should have singular verbs: "Wizards of the Coast
    is planning to have a big presence at Gen Con, where it will run tournaments for
    all its CCGs."

    Singular vs. plural. Always keep the same format throughout a sentence and try
    to keep it throughout an article. I see a lot of submissions that go like this:

    "If your opponent can't get their best cards out, you'll win. They'll constantly
    be frustrated by your plays."

    "Opponent" is the subject. It's singular, so therefore, the verb should be
    singular, and the next sentence should follow the same format:

    "If your opponent can't get his best cards out, you'll win. He'll constantly be
    frustrated by your plays."

    Sticking a plural on "opponent" will also work in this case:

    "If your opponents can't get their best cards out, you'll win. They'll
    constantly be frustrated by your plays."

    You and I. Avoid using these in articles, unless you are recounting a personal
    experience or must talk directly to the reader. This is most often found in
    rules descriptions.

    Not OK: "You then draw three cards."
    OK: "The player then draws three cards," or, if appropriate, "Players then draw
    three cards each."

    Sometimes, using these pronouns is unavoidable (such as in the previous
    example), but try to eliminate them when possible.

    Most articles come in three sizes. Please specify the size you want for your

    400-450 words: 0.5 page, best suited for deck articles, when you are absolutely
    certain you can squeeze your concept into this much space

    600-700 words: 0.75 pages

    8-900 words: 1 full page

    Everything (including deck lists) is included in this word count.

    Reviews follow a slightly different pattern. Most are full pages (6-700 words),
    though CCG reviews (5-600 words) need more space, so we can fit in the
    description box. We also occasionally need shorter reviews (4-500 words) to fit
    on a three-quarter page, so don't hesitate to suggest those for simpler games.
    Also, for major releases, we will occasionally do 1.5 or 2-page reviews. I'll
    give you a word count on those.

    We'll send a CFS out approximately every two months sometime around the middle
    of every other month (February, April, June, August, October, and December).
    What we'll need from you is your article ideas for the next TWO issues. So
    you'll need to think ahead a bit, not only for what you want to present now, but
    for what you think will be a good article about two months down the road.

    For most pieces, this won't be a problem, but keep in mind that a deck article
    that is valid now may be radically altered by a future release, which only seems
    like it's a long ways down the road. To make things easier, we've included our
    release calendar (as much as we know) for the next few months, as well as the
    expected street date of the next two issues of Scrye. Of course, if you need
    more time for your article (to get the most recent information), that can
    usually be arranged. As a result, the CFS will now have three dates: a combined
    query deadline for both issues, and article deadlines for each issue.

    Our current CCG release calendar is at the bottom of this file.

    The query deadline for these issues is Friday, April 23. All queries must be
    received by 3:00 p.m. Central. All queries MUST be in by this time. Though it is
    possible for articles to be added after this time, if there's room, there are no
    guarantees. Assignments will likely be sent out on Monday the 26th or Tuesday
    the 27th.

    The article deadline for issue #74 is Monday, May 17. This issue has a street
    date of June 23.

    The article deadline for issue #75 is Monday, June 14. This issue has a street
    date of July 21.

    Save this e-mail, so you don't lose track of your deadlines. Extensions can
    usually be given for articles, if asked for. Do not deliver an article late
    without giving proper notice (a day or two is usually fine, but when it gets to
    a week, we get testy).

    If you have any questions, feel free to call or email.

    Thanks everyone, and don't play too hard!

    Jason Winter
    Associate Editor, Scrye
    715-445-4612, x604

    A Game of Thrones: A Crown of Suns (Fantasy Flight)
    Cyberpunk: 2020 (Social Games)
    Horus Heresy: Traitor's Gambit (Sabertooth)
    Knights of the Zodiac: Mythological Forces (Bandai)
    Legend of the Five Rings: The Hidden City (Alderac)
    Mage Knight: Dark Riders (WizKids)
    Neopets: Return of Dr. Sloth (Wizards of the Coast)
    Shadowfist: Seven Masters Versus The Underworld (Z-Man)
    Dragon Ball GT: Super 17 Saga (Score)
    Duel Masters: The Evo-Crushinators of Doom (Wizards of the Coast)
    Lord of the Rings CCG: Reflections (Decipher)
    Lord of the Rings TMG: The Fellowship of the Ring (Sabertooth)
    Marvel HeroClix: Universe (WizKids)
    Vampire: Gehenna (White Wolf)
    WarCry: Legions of Chaos (Sabertooth)
    Allegiance: War of Factions (Lucid Raven)
    Call of Cthulhu (Fantasy Flight)
    Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures: Giants of Legend (Wizards of the Coast)
    .hack//Enemy: Epidemic (Decipher)
    Magic: The Gathering: Fifth Dawn (Wizards of the Coast)
    Marvel HeroClix: Ultimates (WizKids)
    MegaMan: Power Up! (Decipher)
    Pokémon: Hidden Legends (Nintendo)
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Swift as the Wind (Upper Deck)
    Bratz (Upper Deck)
    DC Comics TCG (Upper Deck)
    Digimon CCG (Bandai)
    Lord of the Rings CCG: Mount Doom (Decipher)
    Marvel TCG: Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock (Upper Deck)
    Pirates of the Spanish Main (WizKids)
    Spycraft (Alderac)
    Yu-Gi-Oh!: Ancient Sanctuary (Upper Deck)
    Cyberpunk: Chrome and Kilobytes (Social Games)
    .hack//Enemy: Isolation (Decipher)
    MechWarrior: Falcon's Prey (WizKids)
    Navia Dratp (Bandai)
    Star Wars CMG (Wizards of the Coast)
    WarCry: Siege of Middenheim (Sabertooth)
    WWE Raw Deal: Vengeance (Comic Images)
    Gundam CCG (Bandai)
    Initial D: Racer's Edge (Alderac)
    Star Wars TCG: Phantom Menace (Wizards of the Coast)
    Mage Knight: Sorcery (WizKids)
    MegaMan: Grand Prix (Decipher)
    MLB SportsClix: Extra Bases (WizKids)
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Still as the Forest (Upper Deck)
    Winx Club (Upper Deck)
    LATE 2004
    Cyberpunk: Storm Front (Social Games)
    Inuyasha (Score)
    Lord of the Rings CCG: Shadows (Decipher)
    Lord of the Rings TMG: The Two Towers (Sabertooth)
    Shaman King (Upper Deck)
    Star Wars TCG: Return of the Jedi (Wizards of the Coast)

    Jason Winter
    Krause Publications
    Associate Editor, Scrye
    Games Editor, Comics & Games Retailer
    (715) 445-4612, ext. 604
    <<Writer's Guidelines - Reviews.doc>>

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