Screwing with the combat phase

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  1. CanadianBrad Member

    Card in question: Master Warcraft.

    I just need someone to clarify my understanding of this card. I understand it to be:

    1) I cast this at the end of a first main phase(any opponent).
    2) I declare which of that opponent's creatures will be attacking.
    3) The opponent controlling those creatures is given the option of targeting whichever opponent they chose(because the card reads "You choose which creatures attack this turn", not who they attack).
    4) The defending opponent(whomever it happens to be) can then select the creatures they want to block with(because I can "choose how each creature blocks this turn", not who blocks or if they block).
    5) I assign blockers selected by the defending opponent to the attackers I've assigned from the attacking opponent.

    I read something that suggested I can choose the target of the attackers, but it was a random comment, and it seems to me that the card would say "You choose which creatures attack this turn, and how they attack" or something of that nature if that were the case. I'm also not sure if steps 2 and 3 should be reversed.

    Does anyone care to weigh in?
  2. rokapoke Man Among Gods

    For the record, I'm not a judge and I haven't played real Magic in ages. However, based on the text of the card and the handful of rules clarifications, here are my thoughts:

    Right timing, yes. But you may also play it at the end of your own main phase; this would allow you to screw over your opponent during declare blockers.

    You choose , for each creature controlled by the active player, which will attack and which will not attack.

    Correct. The player/planeswalker to be attacked is determined by the active player, not by you (unless, of course, you cast Master Warcraft on your own turn).

    Incorrect. You choose everything about blockers: which creatures block and what they're blocking. You're in control!

    Mooseman and/or Ransac would be able to give you the definitive WOTC rulings, but I'm pretty confident I'm reading this right.

    Also, that's a cool card.
  3. turgy22 Nothing Special

    You can also play in at the beginning of the combat phase. Actually, I think that's the ideal time to play it.

    Indeed. The original wording that's printed on the card has been altered slightly to clarify. So while the original text read
    The corrected version reads
    It makes it pretty clear that you have complete control over how combat takes place.
  4. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    Interesting side note about Planeswalkers in this situation, seems that the active player gets to choose if it attacks the player of their Planeswalker.
    The rest seems to be correct as stated by Turgy and Rokapoke
    Oracle rulings:

    10/2005 You choose attackers and make blocking assignments regardless of whether it's your turn and regardless of whether the creatures are attacking you. Your choices must be legal within the normal rules for attacking and blocking.
    1/2006 You can decide that a creature won't block.
    4/2008 If the defending player controls a planeswalker, the person who cast Master Warcraft first chooses the complete group of creatures that are going to attack. Then, for each of those creatures, the active player chooses who or what it's going to attack.

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