Scattegories - Round One.

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  1. BigBlue Magic Jones

    OK - Test #2 (and hopefully the kickoff to the game)

    Band Name (or artist eg Elton John not Jimmy Page):
    State Capital:
    Brand Name:
    Political Leader:

    The Letter is: T


    1) Names must have one of the names start with the Letter... in all other cases all words must start with the letter (so French Fries would work but French Toast would not if the letter was F).

    2) All answers must be verifiable via the Internet. You don't need to give proof unless I ask for it... I get final say as to whether an answer is valid or not. And spelling does count. All answers must be in English.

    3) Answer as many as you can, you don't need to give all the answers - though I would prefer one PM with your answers (I'll accept a second or third later but include all your answers in the later ones).

    4) Answers are due 1 week from posting.

    5) Scoring: 1 point per word beginning with the letter for answers which are unique (not given by anyone else). We will play to 50 points.
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