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    By Rio Grande Games

    It's a multiple piece board game that pits you and your opponents against each for control of Japanese Islands. If there's 2 players then you use only 2 pieces, 3 players 3 pieces and 4 for four.

    The object of the game is to capture the majority of 2 types of pieces out of three. They are Buddha, Military Hi-hat and Rice firld pieces that spread out throught the islands. there's one large city that can hold 1 of each piece and several small cities that can hold two pieces and the rest are villages that can hold only one piece. Here's what Rio Grande Games website says about it:

    Reiner Knizia's Samurai!

    Each player has an identical force of warriors, priests, and peasants to use to gain control of the important power figures of Old Japan. The players deploy their forces to the spaces around the power figures. When a figure is surrounded, it is captured by the player with the strongest sympathetic force. To win, a player must gain dominance with one of the powers while getting better support from the other powers than the other players.

    Author: Reiner Knizia, Players: 2-4 aged 10 and up, Length: 45-60 minutes, Stock number: 116, UPC: 655132-001168, ISBN: 1-892081-15-6, Suggested Retail: $39.95

    I played it this past Saturday at GASP and it was a BLAST!

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