RDW2001+ (winter edition)

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  1. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    Dunno if its hot or not, but it looks to have lots of perfectly decent cards in. Read Dan Paskin`s recent excellent treatise on red decks (published on Starcity sometime last week) for more info on why decks like this can be good. Not saying it IS good for this metagame (cos Ive no clue yet) but its got the right spells in for a deck of this type.
    All but 13 cards in the deck deal damage....

    4 Mogg Sentry
    4 Goblin Raider
    2 Rage Weaver
    2 Firebrand Ranger
    4 Skizzik

    4 Shock
    3 Firebolt
    4 Flame Burst
    4 Volcanic Hammer
    3 Urzas Rage
    2 Ghitu Fire
    3 Lightning Blast

    4 Petrified Field
    4 Barbarian Ring
    13 Mountain
    (maybe 14 and 3 Field)

    SB rough estimate:
    3 Mages Contest
    3 Tectonic Instability
    4 Ensnaring Bridge
    3 Flametongue Kavu
    2 Shatter

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