Ransac once again goes to yet another frickin' tourney, Pt. Something

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    Went to the shop last night to finally give M10 standard a try, drastically changing the deck. I read a tournament report recently and noticed this guy ran Jund Hackblade and strengthened its potential with running 4 each of Tattermunge Maniac and Figure of Destiny. Since I've recently acquired 4 FoD (borrowing for the time being), I figured I'd try this version.

    4 Boggart Ramgang
    4 Ball Lightning
    4 Jund Hackblade
    4 Goblin Outlander
    4 Tattermunge Maniac
    4 Figure of Destiny

    4 Flame Javelin
    4 Lightning Bolt
    4 Magma Spray
    2 Tarfire

    4 Dragonskull Summit
    4 Graven Cairns
    4 Auntie's Hovel
    11 Mountain


    4 Chaotic Backlash
    3 Volcanic Fallout
    3 Doom Blade
    3 Deathmark
    2 Smash to Smithereens

    To be perfectly honest, the maindeck was netdecked card for card (all 61 of them) from the deck I read. I tinkered with the sideboard, though I now know that 4 Backlashes is too many. Here's the report

    Round 1: vs. Oliver with RG Ramp
    I played as quick to kill my opponent as possible after I saw Forest/Mountain as his first two lands. Tattermunge Maniac, Jund Hackblade come down and start beating @ 5 damage per turn. I manage to Magma Spray two Kitchen Finks to keep the lifegain to a minimum and eventually get in there by Lightning Bolting him for the last bit. Game 2 was a let down as I had to mulligan and open with a Dragonskull Summit. The lack of pressure from the early turns gives him the time to drop two Finks and eventually Primal Command twice. I end up dealing 30 points to him, but I run out of gas and don't draw into the answer. Game 3 went like this. Turn 1: Tattermunge. Turn 2: Jund Hackblade (He rampant growths). Turn 3: Ball Lightning (He drops Garruk and makes a beast). Turn 4: Ball Lightning.

    1-0, 2-1

    Round 2: vs GW Tokens
    Game 1 was by fluke, I think. I mulligan to 6 and am on the draw, but manage to burn him out by turn 4 (1 turn away from a Windbrisked Overrun) thanks to double Lightning Bolt to finish him off. Game 2 saw another mulligan and I am forced to eventually drop Ramgangs to simply block his monstrosities, as they'd simply get a token jump in front of it. I do manage to get him to 3 and force him to hold back in fear of Ball Lightning as the one card I was holding in my hand (it was a land). Game 3 saw another mulligan for me and I fail to make my 3rd land drop until turn 5. Doom Blades and Fallouts help slow the pain, but it's not enough.

    1-1, 3-3

    Round 3: vs. Jenna with Exalted Beats
    Her progression of turns went like this. Turn 1: 20 life, Noble Hierarch. Turn 2: 15 life, Noble Hierarch, Ethercaste Knight. Turn 3: 10 life, Battlegrace Angel.... I cry a little inside as I don't draw an answer and then she drops Finest Hour. Game 2 saw Tattermunge, Hackblade, Ball Lightning, and Lightning Bolt (for the blocker she played). Game 3 saw a slower beating for me, but that's do to me clearing the way for my creatures by Deathmarking and Magma Spraying her creatures.

    2-1, 5-4

    Round 4: vs. Eric with Warp World
    The first game was a played like game 3 of the first round, with him only playing Rampant Growths and Garruk, so I assumed I was up against Ramp again and sideboarded accordingly after a swift, hasty win. Game two saw him play first and drop a Garruk that untapped two lands into Bloodbraid Elf to slow me down. I try to beat through (he's at 11 or so by now) and then he plays Warp World. I nearly squeal with glee in my seat. I know that my deck hurts once the spell resolves, but I'd never seen the deck played before and was excited to see it in action. I managed to somehow regain board advantage, but he clears my alpha strike attack with a flashed in Bogardan Hellkite. The dragon takes a couple of wither counters, but it's enough to get the job done. Game 3 is the explosive "Maniac, Hackblade, Ball" draw again. I love those draws. :D

    3-1, 7-5

    Round 5: vs. Chris with White Tokens
    I'm playing against all of the cool/nice players tonight! I play goofy games before and after the tourney with everyone I've played with tonight! This guy has a nice Oath of Druids deck that eats my Psychatogs for brunch. Anyway, his deck is a deck I've been fearing for a while, but it seems that people don't share my opinion of how powerful Safe Passage is and don't have it in sideboard (it would wreck my deck). He manages to path a Ball Lightning and Harm's Way my Hackblade, but I eventually drop two Goblin Outlanders and he doesn't nothing but lay two Honor of the Pures with only 1 spirit token to benefit. Game 2 was slower, since I sided out my Javelins for Choatic Backlashes, but with him at 8 life and 1 Outlander on the field, I reveal that I'm about to play two more Outlanders with a Bolt in my hand. After checking the top of his deck, he scoops the up. We played a couple more games for fun. He eventually takes me in a game, but I do manage to Chaotic Backlash for 14 in one of them. :D

    4-1, 9-5

    Round 6: vs. Mike with Kithkin
    Isn't karma funny? A few months ago, the two of us were paired in round 1 of what would be our first standard tourney in over two years and now we're both 4-1 at the largest standard tournament this shop has had in that time and both potentially could be 1st (the guy would beat me needed to lose and we needed some more help). We decide to play it out rather than draw to see if one of us can accomplish it. Game 1 saw Figure, Hackblade, a few Magma Sprays and a Ball Lightning to cap it off. I had to mull to 5 (and should've mulled to 4) in game 2, as the only land I saw in any of my mulls was a lone Graven Cairns... which is was I had in my 5 card hand as well, though it was chock full of Outlanders and felt it was my only shot. I don't draw land 2 for 4 turns and can't recover. Game 3 was my saving grace, as I played Maniac, Hackblade, Ramgang, Ball Lightning. I breathe a sigh of relief and shake with Mike (he ended up 7th, which was the last place that prized out last night).

    5-1, 11-7

    I feel a bit dirty having to resort to netdecking for a tourney, but I loved this version of the deck and hope to continue playing it for a few more weeks (before the rest of the shop gets their Sunpetal Groves and Rootbound Crag to build the decks that should wreck me).

    The deck I WANT to build is RG aggro. Essentially the same deck with Bloodbraid Elf and Colossal Might. I have to get the Crags and filter lands, though.

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  2. Shabbaman insert avatar here

    Nice to see you're finally sold on Ball Lightning. I noticed you're only running black for Goblin outlander and the sideboard. Switching to green (you need the second color for hackblade obviously) shouldn't be too hard if you can trade your lands. You're straying far from your original RB-deck though.
  3. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    I know it's vastly different. The first deck was more of a limit of options. 2+ months of trading and tweaking have helped... not to mention seeing what the international circuit does for M10.

    Ransac, cpa trash man

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