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  1. DÛke Memento Mori

    YO! What's up!
    Rando suggested that we make cards of both RPGs we played, which sounds like a really cool idea! I know that you, Sageridder, and you, DJ, didn't play the first RPG, but I'm kind of sure that you have some creativity to add to the project.

    Rando, I'm sorry, but since of school, I will not be playing the next RPG, how the heck are you going to play without me, Rebrouge:)! J/k:). I wish I could play it: I wanna see of how well a teacher I become...I still can't get over it...ME, a teacher? LOL.

    Anyway, anyone else who would like to suggest how we could fix broken or weak cards is more than welcomed to shout out his and/or her opinion out load!

    Well, let's get started.
    First comes the Characters and the creatures, then, we should do the minor Artifacts, such as the Ring (whatever it's called:)) Snake gave Rebrouge and some other small stuff.

    Then we should work on the lands, sorcerys, and instants.

    First of all, we need to know what each Characters power EXACTLY are:

    Snake (Sageridder) - He could whip his tail to trip the enemies. He could also inject poison into the enemies using his tail. His personality is nice and pleasant. He offers a lot of help, mental and physical. In a couple of situations he offered Rebrouge a rope and one time a Ring(whatever it's called:)). What other stuff should we know about him?

    Apstroff (Melkor) - All I know about him is that he is a very, very, very furious elf. He also has this very large sword(I imagen it to look like something off of Final Fantasy:)!" He gets mad fast, I think, but he could control himself, unlike Rebrouge and Stargo. What else?

    Stargo (Who the heck played him:)) - All I know is that he is some kind of a republica of Rebrouge. He's a mercenary theif who tried to haunt down Rebrouge and bring him down to his masters, why? NOBODY KNOWS! He has bad temper and zero tolerance. What else? How does he fight?

    Rebrouge (DÛke) - I know a lot of stuff about me:). I have weak telepathy and strong telekinesis. I am also a big thief who steals everything, no matter how useless and worthless. I also loose a lot of blood whenever using my powers. I also control 12 floating knives: I could do a lot with them, from sending them directly at the enemy and slashing them into pieces, or make them surrond me in a way that a shield would be performed, or I could just use them to stab, or I could send them all over the place...the weak spot of this power is that I loose ALOT of blood when I use it. I also have the ability to float and/or fly, depending on the amount of blood. When I drink blood of a legend, I will become over powered, that self sacrifice should be considered.

    Galdan (Ericbess) - Very smart and very logical. He solves a lot of problems and could get out of tight places. He doesn't fight directly. He also has healing powers in which he could heal himself or heal someone else (BUT for some reason I don't know why he refused to help Rebrouge:)). Anyway, the thing he did with the Hell Hound...What what that? You know, the eye contact? Was is paralysis or telepathy? Or is it something odd or different? We need to know before making the card.

    Thordal (who played him) - A dwarf. That's all I know. Did Django play him? I'm not sure. We need A LOT more information inorder to establish this character as a legend.

    Pedzuer (Rando) - Did I spell it right? Anyway, what was he? All I know or remember is that he was someone who was killed in the first RPG. Sorry Rando, but I have no idea:), tell me...

    Felas (Wahoo) - And who could forget this dude? He had a dang mask on! He's cool. He never showed his face (I think) to the group.
    He could send out globes to find whatever object or person he wants to find, there's small chance that the globe would never come back to inform Felas about the object/person, but who cares:). What are his other powers abilities and personalities?

    Those are the characters.
    We need to know their personalities too, to see what color(s) fit well.

    Let's get started.
  2. sageridder Legendary Cpa Member

    Was a complicated man.shut yo mouth.Snake was really a grey elf noble.He had been infected by greed,lust for riches,lust for power,& of the most handicapping of all sins, pride.Being a young gray elf only 50 or so,he raided and pillaged for money and prestige.His father the king knew this would not do and cast the curse upon his his first born son.It broke the man's heart but it had to done.Now known as snake,and cursed to this form until he could preform an act of selfless careing and honor.Snake took the oppertunity to join this band of (as he saw it at the time missfits)as he later saw it of his only friends.To complete his nessary tasks to reclaim his family honor.

    well that's were i came up with snake,he did not have a poison tail,but used his poison glands to cover his barbed whip with poison.Figureing to be ammune to.Altho i only used it once and next i know it'd in the drink.

    By the way duke the reason your power have not been so strong of late is well....Look down,i stole the necklace.The other gifts threw you off.J/K
    But i'll get it one of these threads.and your little dog too.
  3. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...that's a great bio. Everyone should do that:).

    About the necklace, I mentioned some where in the second RPG that the necklace was attached to me. It is part of my body, my neck.
    If it would ever come off, then I wouldn't be alive.
    If you take the necklace you'd kill me, and I'm almost positively, definetly sure that you would NEVER do that:).
  4. Rando Freaky Bear

    I started the other thread with out seeing this one first. Ignore the other one. Sorry.
  5. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...since we can't get them, we should just start with what we already know, but first, I'd like to give you some deep information about Rebrouge's past; be prepaired, this will put a tear in your eye;):

    At a cool, calm, clear sky, was a castle. In it was an empire of peace. That night was bright, it shone with the full moon's light. It was a night to remember, for, it was the birth of the prince of the empire. The new birth of this child will set recorders in history, for, this was the first prince to be born in this kingdom.

    That night, the child was born. They named him Rebrouge.
    The sad part is that, the child had a natural mark on his childish chest. It was a clear mark. The mark was clearly a symbol of the devil and evil. When the child was shown to the empire and the king, they were all frightened. The king, a long with his empire, decided that this is clearly the mark of the devil, and this child is cursed with evil's blood. After many hard decisions, the king ordered to abandon the child out side the kingdom, in the woods, away from the empire.

    Rebrouge was discarded the night he was born.

    The same night, a groupe of a thief gang passed by, and they found the child. For some reason, they decided to keep him, and train him to be a mercenary thief.

    Years past by, and Rebrouge grew up to be a stable, charmful, and handsome man. He grew up with the thief gang, and was carefully tought the arts of theft, trickery, and enforcements. Rebrouge grew up to be a great thief. During his many expierences, he discovered his hidden powers. He had the power of moving object by mental will: telekinesis. He realized that during a theft operation, the chosen object, when Rebrouge's hand nears it, the object would kind of float and reach into his hand rather than Rebrouge actually reaching and grabbing the object. Overtime, he also discovered that he has weak mental persuasion and thought manupilation powers: telepathy. He realized that during a trickery operation, he could vaugly amd mentally persuade the peddlers to sell him goods for cheaper prices or for more common trades.

    Rebrouge was well known among his fellow gangsters.

    Through the years, he met Exotica: a female, mercenary theif who had joined the gane for some time. Exotica captured Rebrouge's heart. They became more than just friends.

    Overtime, Rebrouge and Exotica felt that they were too good for their current gangsters; they opened their eyes for the first time and realized that they weren't mercenaries any longers, but rather, masters of the skills they have came to adapt.
    They secretly planned to break away from the group; leave it. They wanted to live on their own, and not be ordered around by anyone. They had to be careful, for, it was strictly forbidden for these mercenaries to abandon thier gangs, especially after been with them for so long.

    The nexus was broken, and only then did Rebrouge and Exotica realize how wonderful it is to be on their own.

    Years past by. Rebrouge and Exotica became closer than ever.
    They lived off trickery and theft; but, they made sure they didn't harm anyone too badly during the process.

    For her love and devoution for Rebrouge, Exotica gave him a ruby necklace that she had since she joined the group. Rebrouge vauled the necklace as he vauled his life, for, Exotica was his life.
    Rebrouge never took off the necklace ever since he got it.

    Five years of hard work, love, and living...

    On a clear, calm, night, when stars shone, and the moon was full, when the wheather was as exotic as it can be, on the top of grassy hill, Exotica passed away. Rebrouge felt death that night; he cried tears of blood, blood of his strong commitement and passion to Exotica. He cried. He buried her ever exotic body in the earth's soil, and wished Exotica an ever lasting peaceful rest.
    Blood smeered on Rebrouge's cheecks, and his world, forever changed into dark and engmatic reality.

    Years past by since the inccident...
    Rebrouge's memmories of Exotica still haunts him down.
    He lives alone, isolated from the rest of society.
    He theft more and more, and have injured more and more people as time passes by. He became more agressive and more obsecure.

    He valued Exotica as his life...he valued the necklace Exotica gave him the same way he valued Exotica herself. He mentally was connected to that necklace, and thought, that, if the necklace is ever deattached from his neck, he would die as a disrespect for Exotica.

    The necklace was more powerful than ever.
    It has an unusual power that it never had until Exotica's pass-away. The necklace glows blood red whenever their is danger about to harm Rebrouge. It glew redder and redder the more dangerous the source was.

    Rebrouge feels that the necklace is Exotica's soul, watching over him, making sure that he is always safe and careful.

    Rebrouge also felt weak over years...
    He began to loose blood everytime he uses his mental powers.
    Everytime he used those powers, Rebrouge's memmories of Exotica trigger to strike an emotional trama in his head; his sould then would fade into darkness, and crys itself tears of blood.
    His soul wanted to join Exotica's, therefore, it cried as blood as a sign of life and death...

    Rebrouge currently is living as always.
    He has nothing to do with his long lasting life...
    He feels like he's waiting for the natural death to come upon him, to rejoin him with his soulmate, Exotica.

    He's waiting...And been waiting for long time...
    His destiny, unknown...
    He, enigma...
    Mentally, injuried...
    Physically, agressive...
    Yet, charming, loving, passionate, and devouted to the one thing in his entire life...Extoica...

  6. Neo_Keo -=[I]=- []2ice |Voodles

    Is there any way I could join Huh Guys ? :):)
  7. sageridder Legendary Cpa Member

    absolutely,when the add a story board or thread happins all fun will break loose.the only requirement,is to stay posting with the story.By that i mean don't post one day and 2 days later.
  8. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...you could help a lot, I'm sure:).

    This is a game we played back at MTGnews story boards.
    It's a great RPG where we made our own characters and played in a virtual city that Rando controled and created. We must accomplish a given mission by a given time...We must work together as a team and force ourselves against monsters and against the odds and natural disasters that happen in the city or the place...

    It's really fun...There's going to be a new one soon...If you're really interested, PM Rando.

    Well, here's the cards that should be made for Rebrouge:
    Rebrouge - Legend
    Knife Shot - Sorcery
    Knife Shield - Instant
    Mental Persuasion - Instant
    Mental Theft - Instant
    Exotica Necklace - Artifact
    Blood Tears - Sorcery
    Blood Soul - Sorcery
    Mentally Ill - Sorcery

    Snake - Legend
    Tail Whip - Sorcery
    Poisonous Injection - Sorcery
    Lend Moral Support - Instant

    Sageridder: You may choose to rename or revise any of these cards...You know Snake better than I do:), I'm just suggesting...

    Now, we need more bios to get with the program:)...
  9. Rando Freaky Bear

    ideas for the legendary lands of Radafel and Tier Amon:

    Just read the first post to the first story for all the info you need on Tier AMon. There's lots of little details in there for inspiration.

    As for Radafel, it's just a generic little town with a dark under tone in the political sceen. I'm not sure how this can be translated into a Magic card...but...

    I typically suck at making fake cards, so I'll concentrate on inspiration and ideas. BUT! Pedazur's Limp Body gets to stay as the only legendary wall I've ever heared of.

    Some other ideas...

    That Magic tracking ball that was looking for Rebrouge: perhaps an instant with library searching?

    The 2-headed dog: Block more then one creature? (maybe just a little version of two-headd giant of Foryis)

    Four are MAny assasin: sacrifice to destroy target creature?

    just some thoughts.........
  10. Ransac CPA Trash Man

  11. Rando Freaky Bear

    I wish I was half as cool as you....
  12. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    Thanks, but I already knew that. But, enough chit-chat. Do any of you guys know where I could find a list of the gold and land cards from Invasion? I found the rest of the spoiler but that sight didn't post the gold and land portion.

    Thanks, and poo-gas,

    Ransac, the dingleberry farmer
  13. DÛke Memento Mori


    Legendary Land
    Radafel comes to play tapped.
    Tap: Add 1 to your mana pool.

    **This is it so far, we need to develop it.
    Well, since it has a "dark" background, it need to have little to do with Black. How about we could give it an ability that could be played with colorless mana, BUT, you may choose to pay the cost with Black mana. You have to pay less when paying with Black mana.
    So, we should give it an ability that, say, costs "4, Tap", and then, somewhere, say that you could pay "BB" instead of paying "3".
    How's that?

    What should it do that is kind Blackish? I'll work on the rest tommorow in school:D.
  14. Rando Freaky Bear

    Legendary Land
    T: add 1 colorless mana to your mana pool.
    WW, T: put a 1/1 white Guardsman token into play.
    BB, T: put a 1/1 black Militia man token into play.

    I think that shows how the town was divided down the line of good and evil.
  15. DÛke Memento Mori

    Dang it...

    It took me a long time.
    Hey, Rando, you have no idea how sad I am for not playing your thrid RPG; but just out curiosity, you know how I, Rebrouge, had the power to phase throw objects for a limited amount of time, what are you planning to give me this time, although I won't get to use it, I just like to find out:).

    Here are the characters, fully revised:

    Rebrouge, Mercenary Theif 1UB
    Creature - Mercenary Legend
    Pay 1 life: Rebrouge gains Flying until end of the turn.
    UB: Gain control of target Artifact or Enchantement. You loose life equal to that permenant's total mana cost.

    Galdan, Mental Healer 1UW
    Creature - Cleric Legend
    UW: Remove the top card of opponent's deck from the game.
    Prevent the next X damage dealt to target creature or player, or
    gain X life, where X is the removed card's total mana cost.
    "Their mind is the key."

    Snake, Cursed Elf 1BG
    Creature - Elf Legend
    1BG: Put a -1/-1 counter on target creature.
    When Snake attacks or blocks, he deals 1 damage to target creature.

    Apstroff, Furious Elf GG
    Creature - Elf Legend
    First Strike
    Discard a Red card: Apstroff gains +2/+0, gains Trample and Haste until end of the turn. Use this ability only once each turn.

    Stargo, Mercenary Thief 1RB
    Creature - Mercenary Legend
    RB: Target creature must attack this turn. At the end of the turn, if that creature didn't attack, deal X damage to that creature's controler, where X is that creature's power. Use this ability only during opponent's upkeep.
    "Bring it ON!"

    Felas, Enigma UG
    Creature - Legend
    1: Felas becomes an Artifact creature until end of the turn.
    When Felas is put into your graveyard from play, put him back into play at the end of the turn.

    Now, for some the "other stuff":

    Rebrouge's Knife Shot BBRR
    Choose target creature or player.
    Reveal the top 12 cards of your deck to all players.
    For each Black card revealed this way, you loose 1 life.
    For each Red card revealed this way, deal 1 damage to the
    targeted creature or player.
    "Take that!"

    Galdan's Mind Heal UW
    Draw a card. Gain X life, where X is drawn cards total mana cost.

    Snake's Rescue WG
    Untap target creature. Until end of the turn, that creature gains +1/+1, and can't be the target of spells or abilities.

    Apstroff's Sword Slash RRR
    Tap a creature you control: Deal X damage to target creature or player, where X is the tapped creature's power.

    Fela's Sphere Searcher UG
    Search your deck for a creature card and remove it from the game. Shuffle your deck.
    Put X Time counters on that creature, where X is the total mana cost of that creature. During your upkeep, remove a Time counter from that creature, if you can't, put that creature into play under your control.
    "I'll find him...It'll take time, but I'll find him..."


    I'm still working on 3 artifact for now...
    Hope you like those cards.
  16. Rando Freaky Bear

    Hey DUke!
    They look good, but!: Galdan was a fire mage with some healing powers. I think he should be Red/White with one direct damage ability and one damage prevention ability.
    Just my 2 cents.
    What did you think of Radafel? Any ideas?
  17. sageridder Legendary Cpa Member

    Those are pretty good,you kept the theme and made good cards from it.Sweet.
  18. DÛke Memento Mori

    How come?
    Did he ever use fire in the 2 games?
    Where the HECK was I:)?

    Anyway, the reason I put in U is because he had that telepathy thing going with the two-headed hell dog. Oh well, here's the new version:

    Galdan 1WR
    Creature - Legend
    WR, Tap: Remove the top card of your deck from the game. If that card is White, gain X life, where X is that card's total mana cost. If that card is Red, deal X damage to target creature or player, where X is that card's total mana cost. If that card is Blue, put that card into your hand.
    "Sometimes, it takes fire to make peace..."

    Now, Rando, what about the 2 headed hell hound, and the other legendary creatures we encountered?
    Give me a list of names and brief discriptions about what they should be able to do, their powers, and stuff.

    The land you make is more than perfect:).
    It perfectly resembles the city: good and evil.
  19. Melkor Well-Known Member

    You know Duke, I think you've combined my original character and Asparotoff in your mind. Ridal A'Bornia was my character in the first RPG and he had the big sword. The elf I believe was on some sort of coming of age mission in Tier Amon.

    I had this weird back story for him that never really came into play. Ridal styled himself a noble but in reality he was just a common adventurer who when exploring caves above the hills of Tier Amon found the incredible sword that he wielded during the adventure. Unfortunately for Ridal the sword was not only magical it was also intelligent, vested with the spirit of a powerful mage who long ago helped lead the goblins who threw out the Dwarves. The mage was going to be killed by a band of heroic adventurers but he escaped and lived long enough to invest his power in the sword.

    The sword was steadily eating away at Ridal's mind, basically taking away what was him, and replacing it with the mage. The Ridal you met was a conglameration at that point of both the original man and the mage. Stronger than anything else though was the desire of the mage to reclaim what he saw as his, the ruins of Tier Amon. During the adventure the ruins were destroyed and this broke the mages mind, which was already a little frazzled from becoming a sword and then waiting all that time for someone to pick him up. With the mage in confusion the original Ridal's personality began to assert itself a little more, but so far he has not been heard from since that fateful day.
  20. Rando Freaky Bear

    The hell dog was once a powerful Dwarf Lord, the last king of Tier Amon.
    When all of the evil spirits and creatures invaded Tier Amon, they trapped his sole in the Hell-dog body and forced him to be the guardian / slave of "the Master". He really did not have any special powers, he was just big and tough. Maybe red (dwarf) and black (hell-dog)?

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