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  1. Homestar Who invited this guy?

    hey guys, hey i was just wonderin what kinda cards i should put into a protection deck. like i kno counter spells and stuff like that. obviously, its gonna be white and blu. and also i have these runes and circle of protection and i was wonderin if you think i should put those in cuz i have heard ppl say that they arent the most efficient cards and stuff like that. but n e wayz. i just want your take on what KIND of counter spells, what individual cards you reccomend and if u think C.O.P's and R.O.P's are good, efficient cards.


  2. 13NoVa The Ruins That We Hold

    use just the runes, they have cycling. also, use fluctuator, you can cycle through for free.

    use astral slide and exhalted too..... cycle, remove their creature while you smack them for 4, gain 4...ect.
  3. Reverend Love New Member

    You can use a B/W Astral slide control deck. I've got something which maindecks:

    4 Astral Slides
    3 Rune Protection Red
    3 Rune Protection Black
    3 Rune Protection Green
    2 Rune Protection Blue
    2 Rune Protection White



    So whenever I slide their creatures out Tainted Aether's come into play effects kick off...gets REAL nasty when you've got two or more tainted aethers in play. :)

    For the kill I use Opalescence. Since The Enchantments I use are already in play Tainted Aether's effect doesn't harm me. Cycle to remove blockers.

    Works pretty good.. Also have Expunges and Swats for creature kill'n.
  4. Homestar Who invited this guy?

    its a BLUE and WHITE protection deck. not BLACK and WHITE. or do you think i sould make it a 3 color? oh yeah and i dont think that astral slide is very good or is ther something im missing? could some1 tell me how or what to play astral slide with.
  5. Captain Caveman New Member


    You the man.:) That Rune cycling deck is a great casual idea.


    If you have the cards to build R.V.'s deck, I think you should give
    it a try, you might be surprised how much fun it would be. Alot
    of the deck cycles and has great synergy.
  6. Homestar Who invited this guy?

    whats Synergy?:confused:
  7. DeathMaster666 In Defiance of Existance

    When cards work together well.
    I. E. Bonesplitter and Auirok Glaivemaster.
  8. Homestar Who invited this guy?

    Hey all, this is what i got for my protection deck so far.

    Protection cards:
    Runes: 3 of each
    Story Circle x2
    Hallowed Healer x4

    Back up for those:
    Astral Slide x3 (cuz of the runes cycling)
    Fluctuator x4 (ill let you figure this one out)
    Tainted Aether x3 (Obviously)

    Living Wall x3
    Snow Fortress x3
    Steel Wall x3

    Fun Combo:
    Panoptic Mirror x3 - Expunge x3

    swamp x8
    island x8
    plains x10
  9. Homestar Who invited this guy?

    o.k, was thinking long and hard, about 5 minutes, 4 minutes more or less and it hit me MY DECK SUCKS. so i though for a long time again, on the crapper and came up with this:

    Runes Of Protection's x3 of each
    Astral Slide x4
    Fluctuator x4
    Tainted Aether x4
    Opalescence x2
    swat x3
    Expunge x3
    panoptic mirror x3

    NOW WHADDAYA THINK OF THAT:cool: now seriously, anything i should and/or take out. hit me with ur opinions


    Snap, Crackle...........................POP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Homestar Who invited this guy?

    i added 1 more expunge and swat
  11. Captain Caveman New Member

    If you have them, I'd add some Tutor's(demonic, vampiric, diabolic, enlightened: one of each)

    Maybe a few Vindicate's too. Again, that's dependent upon your card pool.

    Hope that helps.

    R.V.'s Aether/Rune deck WILL be my next, fun deck.
  12. Reverend Love New Member

    Alrighty Homestar..he's how it works:

    Astral Slide Reads:

    That means when people attack us, or declare blockers we can respond by sliding their creature temporarily out of play...not bad. A perk is that if another player cycles we have the option of targeting a creature using slide. Remember..Astral Slide says "may"..sometimes people try and force you into sliding your own creature ;)

    Tainted Aether says:

    That's pretty awesome. Forcing people to sac resources to play creatures is great! The important part of this card is "Whenever a creature comes in play"..because remember with Astral Slide we're actually removing the creature from play, then bringing them back into play...thus kicking off Tainted Aether's abilities again!

    Here's an example:

    Let's say we have in play:

    1 Astral Slide
    2 Tainted Aether
    3 Plains
    4 Swamps

    In our hand we've got:

    1 Rune Protection Blue
    1 Secluded Steppe
    1 Swat

    Our Opponent Joe Bag of Donuts has:

    2 Craw Wurm
    2 Llanowar Elves
    5 Forest

    We don't know what he's holding..

    Now let's say Bag of Donuts gets froggie and declares his attack using his two 6/4 Craw Wurms..big mistake. We'd respond to his declaration of attack by cycling the Secluded Steppe AND Rune Protection Blue targeting both his Craw Wurms.


    His Craw Wurms are gone until end of turn. Since the Craw Wurms are gone they can't attack :)

    At end of turn the Craw Wurms come back into play. This coming into play kicks off both of the Tainted Aethers we've got. Forcing Joe Bag of Donuts to:

    Sacrifice either
    2 lands or 2 creatures PER Craw Wurm!

    Lets say Joe decides to sac 4 forest..that leaves him with

    2 Craw Wurms
    2 Llanowar Elves
    1 Forest

    That's dirty! He won't be casting anything big his next turn that's for sure. The next time we start cycling we'll start killing off his creatures! The best part about this is your deck should be packed full of cycling cards, thus increasing tenfold you chances of drawing ANOTHER cycling card when you cycle.

    I've destroyed all my opponents creatures and lands before using this's the deck I use.

    Main Cards: 11
    4 Tainted Aether
    4 Astral Slide
    3 Opalesence

    Support: 9
    3 Disenchants
    4 Sword to Plowshare
    2 Replenish

    Cycling Cards: 14
    4 Renewed Faith
    4 Expunge
    1 Rune of Protection Black
    1 Run of Protection Green
    2 Run of Protection Red
    1 Swat
    1 Radiant’s Judgment

    Lands: 29
    4 Scrubland
    1 Serra’s Sanctum
    2 Kor Haven
    4 Barren Moor
    4 Secluded Steppe
    6 Swamps
    8 Plains

    As long as you keep the main cards in the deck you can pretty much mix and match as you please while keeping the sliding trick alive.

    Captian Ca-A-a-A-a-AvMAAAN!

    Thanks, it's one of my favorites. The first time I played it, I played an Astral Slide followed next round by a Tainted Aether. One of my buddies instantly recognized what I was going to do..his response.

    "Ooh..thats Duuuuuurty"

    Yes, yes it is :D
  13. Homestar Who invited this guy?

    :eek: that replenish is the COOLEST

    R.V *sobs* YOU DA MAN. Dude that decxk sounds soo awesome. ive been asking for deck ideas cuz i have been savin up my money for a long time and i have $60 and there is this card shop by my house, where you can buy individual cards. Each common and uncommon is 10-50 cents and each rare is $100-$200. ISNT THAT AWESOME. that deck RoXoRs my BoXoRs and SoXoRs. n e ways yea. i get the astral slide now.

    oo im also gonna add Fluctuator x3
  14. Homestar Who invited this guy?

    lol yea it is pretty fun sounding
  15. Homestar Who invited this guy?

    Hey all, i just made this new deck,its a rune cycling deck (actually it was practically all Reverand Love but o well). heres whats in it:

    Tainted Aether x4
    Astral Slide x4
    Opalesence x3
    Fluctuator x3

    Disenchant x3
    Sword to Plowshare x4
    Replenish x2

    Cycling Cards:
    Renewed Faith x4
    Expunge x4
    Rune's x2 of each
    Swat x1
    Radiants Judgement x1

    Scrubalnd x4
    Serra's Sanctum x1
    Kor Heaven x1
    Barren Moor x4
    Secluded Steppe x4
    Swamp x6
    Plains x8

    gimme ur opinions
  16. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    I have my doubts, but I could be wrong, so I won't try to argue that it won't work. I just want to point out that I've seen people try to build these Fluctuator-Replenish decks before and none of them have ever come close to being good (none of the ones that I've seen, that is). They're inefficient, so people try elaborate tricks in order to try to fix them, and they only become less efficient. This one is a different approach though, so maybe it'll surprise me. Good luck with it...


    Why is this deck over 70 cards? Even if this concept might work, you'd be killing its chances to make it this big...
  17. Homestar Who invited this guy?

    well im definatly not killing my chances. i have battled with itt 6 times and won every time. what do you have ur doubts about? what could be so bad? and f it is THIS bad then lets see if you can come up with something better
  18. train The Wildcard!!!...

    It's not a challenge guys - it's opinions on build...

    Homestar - if it works fine for you, that's great...

    As the tourney "norm" is aorund 60 cards, and they do fine... Oversoul was just mentiong that when you get much over the 60 card number sometimes decks don't work to well..

    If yours does - more power to you, and less to your opponents...;)

    What about decree of justice - With multiple fluctuators out - it could be a mad house!...;)
  19. Homestar Who invited this guy?

    ooo ur right. i dont have that card tho but i should get one.

    edit: but why would you cyclle that? i dunno but i personally think that just usin that regulary would STILL be madness. cuz u get to put X amount of 4/4 flying tokens into play. now i dunno if im just a newb or not but that sounds pretty effective to me WITHOUT cycling it.
  20. train The Wildcard!!!...

    you cycle it beacuse you don't have enough mana to pay for tons of angels... and a weenie horde gets past 1 or 2 blockers - if you weren't able to get them out of the way earlier...;)

    Example - if you had 6 mana on the table - you could cycle for 1 mana and pay5 - making 5 1/1 soldiers...

    or you could use all 6 mana for just one angel...

    It all really depends on the game state... if you need a flyer - go witht he angel, if you need blockers - go with the soldiers...;)

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