Phyrexian Slayer/Reaper

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  1. Korsantar New Member

    On this card it says "Whenever Phyrexian Slayer becomes blocked by a white (or green for reaper) creature, destroy that creature, it can't be regenerated" does this mean the card is destroyed before it deals any damage to the slayer/reaper? or is it destroyed after its damage goes on the stack? also, would a protection from black stop this from destroying the creature?
  2. Jigglypuff Big Cute Pink Thing

    No, the triggered effect goes on the stack after the Declare Blockers step, before the Combat Damage step.

    No, there are only 4 elements of protection from a color:
    Cannot be Damaged by a source of the color.
    Cannot be Enchanted by enchantments of the color.
    Cannot be Blocked by a creature of the color.
    Cannot be Targeted by sources of the color.
    Making the handy acroynm "DEBT" which is what I'm in after buying a new computer and a box of Judgment.

    Since the Reaper/Slayer isn't doing any of those things, protection has no relevance.

    (- Steve -)

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