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    Warning: This thread is geared towards multiplayer games and those who play them.

    Recently, there have been a number of threads (both here and on other sites) discussing fun in Magic, and general multiplayer decks and strategies. By and large, most people define fun as being able to play out their deck and, ideally, win with it. The game's creator believes player interaction is the best fun, and as such, the recent sets are slower and contain cards involving other people.

    In one of his recent articles at StarcityCCG.com, Anthony Alongi coins the term "party cards". You know the ones -- Hunted Wumpus, Hired Giant, Oath of Lieges, Noble Benefactor, Truce, etc. The cards that involve and generally benefit your opponent(s). Though they are normally shunned by the tourney players (and rightly so), a few get played, but the decks involved are geared around them, with Oath of Druids being an example.

    The reason these cards are rarely played is that they provide absolutely no card advantage whatsoever, and actually detract from what you may have already generated. While card advantage is key in duelling, it is also considered important in multiplayer games.

    But when playing against more than one opponent, few cards net any true advantage beyond global destruction (Wrath of God being a good example). So why not play the party cards?

    To paraphrase my comments about fun, playing cards and player interaction are key. Ask yourself what is more satisfying -- to win by a hair, at one lifepoint, battling it out to the end, or to win through the misfortune of your opponents, who uniformly were mana- or creature-deficient due to either poor drawing or your control cards? Unless you are by nature a bully or coward, victory over active opponents is far more satisfying.

    So why not encourage active opponents? Play those party cards! Imagine, if one person does it, well, people will think he's a scrub, and won't pay attention to him. And if two people, just two people do it, they'll be considered a pair of scrubs and still be ignored. But if three people start playing party cards, people may think its a team or organization. And can you imagine fifty people! Fifty people a day playing chaos games full of party cards, well people might think its a movement. And folks, that what it is -- the Play a Party Card for Player Interaction Movement!

    More players playing more cards having more fun interacting with each other. An actual social experience. Imagine...

    Well, I think that's all I need to say. Oh, and never listen to Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant" when trying to make a point. You just might feel the urge to paraphrase and/or imitate him... ;)

    Just a few thoughts.
  2. Thallid Ice Cream Man 21sT CeNTuRy sChIZoId MaN

    Not only do I agree with this, but I have taken it a step further by building sets of two scrubby decks such that one takes advantage of the other one playing a Hunted Wumpus or something to drop an Avatar into play or something. Here's one:

    Deck #1: Wumpus

    Island x12
    Forest x8
    Tropical Island x4
    Morphling x4
    Hunted Wumpus x4
    Seal of Removal x4
    Mystical Tutor x4
    Hoodwink x4
    Capsize x4
    Prosperity x4
    Worldly Tutor x4
    Eureka x4

    Deck #2: Fatty

    City of Brass x4
    Undiscovered Paradise x4
    Mishra’s Workshop x3
    Tundra x2
    Underground Sea x2
    Badlands x2
    Taiga x2
    Savannah x2
    Tolarian Academy x1 (Maybe the guys there can figure out how to make this deck work...)
    Avatar of Hope x4
    Avatar of Will x4
    Avatar of Woe x4
    Avatar of Fury x4
    Avatar of Might x4
    Voltaic Key x4
    Thran Turbine x3
    Grim Monolith x4
    Urza’s Incubator x3
    Quicksliver Amulet x3
    Belbe’s Portal x2

    And don't yell at me for using some broken cards in here. For example, the Academy really doesn't help much in the second deck. The first deck has lots of bounce cards, but can also continuously bounce the Wumpus so that the second deck may dump avatar after avatar after avatar into play. This is a stupid idea and a mediocre execution, so it's not a problem if I use broken cards - that's my philosophy.

    Besides, it's not as broken (wink wink nudge nudge :) as these:

    Deck 1: 5C Fattie

    4x City of Brass
    4x Taiga
    4x Tropical Island
    4x Tundra
    4x Undiscovered Paradise
    4x Volcanic Island
    1x Savannah
    4x Charmed Griffin
    4x Noble Benefactor
    3x Indentured Djinn
    4x Hired Giant
    4x Veteran Explorer
    4x Llanowar Elves
    4x Birds of Paradise
    4x Hunted Wumpus
    4x Grim Monolith

    Deck 2: Broken Half

    9x Island
    5x Plains
    4x Adarkar Wastes
    4x Rishadan Port
    1x Tolarian Academy
    3x Mageta the Lion
    4x Masticore
    3x Parallax Wave
    3x Capsize
    4x Parallax Tide
    2x Stroke of Genius
    4x Voltaic Key
    3x Cursed Scroll
    4x Mana Vault
    4x Grim Monolith
    4x Tangle Wire
    3x Mishra’s Helix
  3. krichaiushii New Member

    Thallid ICM -- that makes two of us, so I guess we are a pair of scrubs and will still be ignored...

    What about a deck built around:

    4x Hunted Wumpus
    4x Stampeding Wildebeest
    4x Lumbering Satyr
    4x Mystic Compass
    Many fog variants (especially the one that sacs land for buyback) and creature pumpers...

    That could be fun. AND far cheaper than your proposals. ;)

    Party cards used in team games can be simply abusive when decks are constructed to play off each other, as you have aptly demonstrated.

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