Nominations for Coldsnap Casual Card!


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Post 'em and the reasons here! Nominations end Monday, 10/1 at 7:00 AM EDT.

Committee members: Mooseman, Ephraim, Killer Joe


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Dark Depths

No doubt, whatsoever. Casual players like big, unbeatable creatures.

Ransac, cpa trash man


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I really don't have much experience with this set, which I find a bit unfortunate because I love Ice Age and Alliances, despite the massive amount of crappy cards in Ice Age...

The first card that came to mind was actually Dark Depths. Not sure if it's because Dark Depths was the first card from the set I saw (if I remember correctly, or because it's just such an unusual and potentially powerful card. But I can't agree with Ransac again. It's unseemly. So I'll have to nominate something else...

I'm going to go with Braid of Fire. I'm not sure how I'd break it, but there are a lot of possibilities...


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There's lots of Legends and lots of cool things in this set, but I'm gonna with Allosaurus Rider. Despite the creature type being Elf (and Warrior) instead of Dinosaur, I think it's pretty cool for a dino name to get on a card (there's a bit of my name criteria :) ).

Final nominations:

Dark Depths - Ransac
Braid of Fire - Oversoul
Adarkar Valkyrie - BigBlue
Allosaurus Rider - Spiderman

Closed for voting.


Isengar Tussle
I haven't heard from the others.... Ephraim has been absent for awhile..... Could be problematic for this thread.


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<sigh> Again, the need to make that the people who are nominated to the council are gonna be there for the 3 month haul...