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  1. sorcerer New Member

    I need to know some more multi player formats so if you know any let me know, thanks.
  2. Daenen New Member

    World Magic (quite possibly the meanest form of magic to ever exist):
    Take at least 6 people, sit in a circle.
    Attacks have a range of 1 person.
    Instants, Interrupts, and Sorceries have
    a range of 2 people.
    Enchantments and Artifacts with affects
    (ie Howling Mine)have a world-wide range.
    Last planeswalker standing wins.

    Two-Headed Giant:
    Take each of your life totals and combine
    them. (each team now has 40 life)
    To win, you must deal 40 points of damage
    to the other team (total, not to each
    player. Example: Bob has a really crappy
    white weenie deck. I cast Flashfires, and
    proceede to kick the snot out of him,
    dealing 40 points of damage to him. Bob's
    team mate never took a single point of
    damage, but he still looses because I
    killed one of them.) That was a really
    mean example, and I wouldn't ever do
    something like that in a casual game. I
    just wanted to show you what could happen.

    Team Sealed (Awesome)

    This can be played one of two ways.
    Either round robin, and everyone plays
    eachother, or as a team (two on two).
    Each player gets a partner, and they open
    two starter packs, and six boosters, then
    make two seperate decks. It's a lot of
    fun, and everyone likes playing.

    I hope this helps.

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  3. arhar Member

    Hehehe. This is sickest and meanies format of multiplayer ever:


    There are no rules. No banned cards. Well, almost no rules - you can have minimum 40 cards in the deck. But other than that - you can have more than 4 cards of any type, etc, etc. SICK!

    "....ok, I'll cast my 39th Kindle now..."

    PS: Of course, if someone has 40 Black Lotuses (or even Blacker Lotuses), this game becomes totally uninteresting.

    PPS: Oh, and one more small thing. Due to grandiosity of these events, the game, of course, is all-deck ante: winner gets everyone's decks.
  4. Daenen New Member

    Ok, here's my deck:
    15 Lotus
    15 Feldon's Cane
    15 Wheel of Fortune

    I win.

    Oh, for two player?
    15 Lotus
    15 Channel
    15 Fireball

    I win again.

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