Miss Demeanor

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  1. rkoelsch Angel Boy

    Miss Demeanor
    Color= White Type= Creature - Lady-of-Proper-Etiquette Cost= 3W UG(U)
    Text (UG+errata): 3/1, Flying, First Strike. ; At the end of each other player's turn, if you didn't compliment that player on his or her game play this turn, sacrifice ~this~. [D'Angelo 2000/03/09 - unofficial errata]

    Be nice - sarcasm will not be tolerated by Miss Demeanor. [Barclay 1998/08/13]
    Drinking tea without leaving your little finger sticking out will also cause Miss Demeanor to be sacrificed. This is unlikely to happen in a duel. [Barclay 1998/08/13]
    All tournament formats have banned cards from Unglued.
    Note - Also see First Strike, Rule A.15.
    Note - Also see Unglued rulings, Rule U.1.

    I just received 3 of this card in a trade as a throw in. I have to say I love this card. I like the art and this is a pretty powerful card. I also like the drawback forcing people to be nice. This makes me wish I had a casual play group that would allow me to use her in a deck. Sorry no real strategy here.
  2. train The Wildcard!!!...

    This would be even better if there was a line in the rules text, about the opponent having to be extra nice if they're playing blue.

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