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  1. Ill try to ask this the best way possible. Im not sure if this will work or not. Probably wont,but al least I can try.

    Ok, If I have a metalworker in play along with a scroll rack. Can I tap the worker to reveal artifacts to get X mana. Then scroll rack and use the abilty of the worker to reveal cards that I have drew from the rack, Or does the worker stop looking for cards when my hand is empty. In which I would have to have another worker in play or untap the worker I just used to use the ability again, or can this all be part of a stack?
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    But even if it followed normal rules for activated abilities, you couldn't do this.

    The reveal cards part of the Metalworker's ability happens when it resolves. Once it's done resolving, it's done; other abilities (like Scroll Rack's) can't resolve until then.

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