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Discussion in 'New & Returning Members' started by Gobo, Jul 20, 2001.

  1. Gobo New Member

    I'm the newist member:eek:
  2. K9Archmage He Might Be Giants

    hello, now let me condense most of the contents of what this thread will have in it soon....

    Here is your room key, located strategically next to the telepathic retired AC adapter with glucoma. Here is the key to the administrative spa, where the midget porn is hidden under the hot tub.


    F34R the PSYCHOS

    here are the rules of the CPA:
    1: Eat more cheese
    2: Type "hoipa" at the end of every post
    3: Donate money to the starving crazed weasels with no bladders
    4: Worship the all-mighty RANSAC, for he is the coolest member her, next to Zadok.
  3. zelda_gamer New Member

    im new here yall
  4. Turtlewax Joe CPA Hater of Train

    Make your own d*** thread. Pleas don't hate me, and Welcome to the midget capital of my left nut!(that made no sense and was really grose! I like it)

  5. LlanowarGoblin New Member

    Hey gobo, I know I have picked on you occasionally, but let me be the first mtgnewser to welcome you over here.

    LlanowarGoblin hocks up a lugy, spits in his palm and gives gobo a noogie.
  6. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    T.I.C.M., how did you get my keys? I hide them in the furthest regions of my bunghole.

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  7. fuzzy510 I Don't REALLY Exist

    Welcome to the CPA!

    *Fuzzy510 assimilates Gobo.

    There! That should eliminate all desires to leave here. Wait a minute.....

    *Fuzzy510 realizes Ransac was never assimilated, then assimilates Ransac.

    Life is good. :D
  8. LlanowarGoblin New Member

    Hey fuzzy are you sure you want Ransac as part of your collective?:p :rolleyes:
  9. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Er...welcome...and such.
    Your input thus far has been invaluable. :p
  10. Gobo New Member

    really? why would you say that?
  11. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    I wouldn't.

    By the way, I'm the one who's been deleting your posts with such insightful, deep revelations as 'FA' or 'hjjjlkl'.

    I'll keep doing it, too. If you don't have anything to say, please don't say anything.
  12. menolikeygurus CPA's Hot Dog Vender

    gobo...take advantage of the midget porn....WHEN FUZZY ISNT USING IT!!!! What did I tell you fuzzy about keeping all the midget porn for yourself?!?!
  13. Gobo New Member

    Yea....I belive i said lejakl not 'hjjjlkl' as you so put it...ever think i ment to say fe? I agree nothin spamish about that.
  14. LlanowarGoblin New Member

    gobo is, to put it mildly, not a great speller. It seems the guys at mtgnews have let him get away with so much that he expects the same here. :rolleyes:

    gobo, it looks like you will have to be a little more careful with your spam. ;)
  15. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

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