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    Okay, so I'm putting this under rules questions, because one of them is, but I couldn't think of a better place to stick it anyway.

    The 'Soulbond' mechanic either didn't exist when last I played the game, or I just never encountered it(even now it doesn't seem too common). I've looked for this in a few different places, but I cannot find an explicit answer. When making use of the Soulbond mechanic, can you pair it to another creature without Soulbond? I can understand greater synergy in pairing two Soulbond creatures together(let's say Wolfir Silverheart and Silverblade Paladin), but is there a rule preventing me from pairing it to another creature? Reason being, I've got a mostly-completed decklist, but I'm looking at this mechanic and trying to decide whether to integrate it.

    These next two questions are not rules related, but are more directed toward deck-building philosophy. I'm an amateur, and although I am enthusiastic and enjoy making decks quite a bit, I won't claim to be great at it.

    My colours of choice to this point have been red and white. I have integrated black here and there, and done red-black, black-white, and mono-coloured decks for all of them. Blue as a colour irritates me greatly, to the point that I love cards like Boiling Seas, Cryoclasm, and various other blue-hate spells(and if I built decks with sideboards, I'd be giving them space there). I have been playing with green a little bit, though, and have found some cards that strongly fit my play style in the green library. However, I can't find enough of them to replace either of my existing preferences(red and white, in this case).

    I've got a mostly-finished decklist, and there's a couple of green cards that I'd like to incorporate. One of them specifically requires 2 Forests and 1 colorless to cast. I'd consider throwing 3 or 4 in the deck, but not much else for green. Currently, I have pretty well zero for fetch or mana-ramp(I don't play with it at all, so I'm not even sure red or white have much for options to incorporate mana-ramp), and largely just basic lands. Does someone have a suggestion to help me splash a little green in here? Is it as simple as swapping out some basic lands for cards like Arctic Flats and Highland Weald, or incorporate some signets and mana-producing artifacts? Or are there some other ideas that anyone can offer? Basically, I'm trying to find a way to incorporate a touch of green into a red-white deck, in such a way that I'm not colour-screwing myself, but can still semi-reliably play a green creature or spell costing 2 Forests or less.

    And lastly, the numbers game. I'm a creature guy, and I largely run creatures in sets of four. Throw four of them into a deck, or none at all. Now, since the discussion regarding Tribal, and the brief talk that followed regarding EDH and Legendary creatures, I'm looking harder at the Legendary supertype. I'm now up to speed on the Legend rule(which I'm sure existed before, but never came up for me), but it suggests to me that incorporating a set of four is probably some wasted cards. In a 60-card deck, how many copies of a Legend permanent would you include?

    Thanks for any help that can be given.
  2. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Yes. You can do this, as long as the creature is one that isn't already paired to another creature.

    These next two questions are not rules related, but are more directed toward deck-building philosophy. I'm an amateur, and although I am enthusiastic and enjoy making decks quite a bit, I won't claim to be great at it.

    The most effective options for this that I can think of are probably cards you don't already own, many of them too expensive to bother with. Dual lands work very well for this sort of thing, but I'm guessing that if you were planning on using cards like Savannah, Taiga, Wooded Foothills, and Windswept Heath, you'd have mentioned that. There are also some other options that don't cost ton of money and can still work. Take a look at different non-basic lands that can work in W/R/G decks. A lot of nonbasic lands come in series for either two or three different colors of mana, and they range from basically ideal (Savannah) to really rather bad (Tranquil Garden). I'd look to nonbasic lands first. Artifacts are another option, though. It depends on the particulars of your deck.

    This really depends. One annoying strategy that was really popular in CounterTop decks for a while was to throw in some copies of Natural Order and a copy of Progenitus. CounterTop is a control deck, and it usually wins by using card advantage, removal, and general control shenanigans to establish a superior board position, sometimes finishing opponents off with rather small creatures. So a combo-control version used the same cards as other CounterTop decks, but with the option to suddenly drop Progenitus onto the battlefield and win with it. They wouldn't plan on actually playing enough lands to cast Progenitus. If they drew it, that wasn't much of a problem (because CounterTop decks can put cards back into their libraries). It wasn't the only win condition, and even if opponents managed to exile the one copy of Progenitus, the Natural Orders still weren't dead cards (they could fetch Tarmogoyf or something).

    In contrast, back when I played control decks, which was very long ago, one of my decks used Ertai, Wizard Adept alongside an obscene amount of countermagic and some card-drawing. Arcane Laboratory was also there, so I could lock opponents down by playing both cards. I forget how many copies of Ertai I actually used there, but I did have multiple copies of him in the deck because of how useful he was. Yeah, I couldn't actually have two of him on the battlefield, but I definitely wanted to draw one, and duplicates could be used with, say, Forbid's buyback cost or Force of Will's alternate cost.[/QUOTE]

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