Mana Confluence


The Instigator
I'll trade it here if anyone wants it. But this is more of a question: if I were going to sell this to a card shop, should I wait until it rotates out of Standard, or try to sell/trade it now for about $16? For those unfamiliar, the card is basically a Theros block functional reprint of City of Brass.

Child of Gaea

Phantom CPA Founder
In my opinion, since this is the new City of Brass, it will probably be reprinted multiple times. I would try to move it while its hot. This is only my opinion. If you see something on my list you like, I would trade for it as well!


The Instigator
I forgot about this and ended up trading it to a new member of one of my playgroups. But you were right, it had decreased in value since I last checked.


The Tentacled One
I bought a playset. It will drop again once Theros block rotates out of Standard, so I'm being punished a bit for my impatience, but I wanted to use the card now.

Oh, it's not a functional reprint of City of Brass, though. Lots of cards can tap lands, and City of Brass deals damage in those cases. So if I'm facing Opposition or Icy Manipulator or whatever (in Legacy, it's most likely to be Rishadan Port), that can add some extra damage to me if I'm using City of Brass, whereas Mana Confluence only hurts if its ability is activated. And since City of Brass deals damage rather than requiring a life payment, it can be mitigated by damage prevention (such as Urza's Armor) and its ability can be activated even when one lacks the life to pay (perhaps under a Platinum Angel or Phyrexian Unlife). The two cards are very similar, to the point of being equivalent most of the time, but the differences matter in some situations. For most decks, Mana Confluence should be marginally better, although for budget gameplay, the difference between a three-dollar card and a twelve-dollar card is the more relevant consideration.