Magic = Yuh-gi-oh? (Not about the layout!)


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A ridiculous amount of cynics have already pointed out that the new layout looks a lot like Yu-gi-oh, and that WOTC is trying to seduce small children, etc. etc. etc.

Well here's more evidence to consider:

Overall, (And yes, this is just my opinion), the Morph mechanic was a failure. An ability that was intended to work as a masquerade turned into a funny combination of echo and delayed coming into play effects.

But really, why was WOTC so keen on upside down creatures in the first place?

Could it have been another attempt to mimic Yu-gi-oh?
(For those who don't know, in Yu-Gi-Oh you can play your monsters face down for surpise effect, and some of them do things when flipped over).

Just food for thought.


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And didn't ya notice how Madness was sort of like the Trap cards in YGO?

Who sadly, bought three packs of the game the other day...


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We'll get you some help...

But we should support Yu-gi-oh - if not for Ericbess's sake?!...;)


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You know, I still haven't played the game. I read through the rules a long time ago...I've got some friends that are going to teach me the game tomorrow :D

But I also know that Upper Deck has other projects in the pipe. I'll do my best to make sure that they are really cool and fun.


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If you really want to get a crash course through the game, go out and buy the September issue of Shonen Jump for both its great manga, and the Yu-Gi-Oh! game inside.

I'm sorry to say that your only given like 60 days to play it, but you'll pick up the game real quick with that.


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60 days to play it? yugioh will die before that is over!

"oh wait... it already has!"


Creature — Nightstalker

Hansen stated in their songs that an Mmmbop was a measurement of time that is equal to a tenth of a second. When asked how long their music career lasted, I quote "it lasted about 4.3 Mmmbop's."

Poke'mon, also know as the Nightstalkers ploy to take over the worlds children, was an ever reaching virus that swept the world faster than bad gangster rap. The cure? Endlessly repeating the same idea (Digimon anyone?). It lasted about 6 Mmmbops, or the equivalent of the time it takes for the taste to last in a pack of Poke'mon TCG gum.

Yu-Gi-Oh! is still sneaking around the country as I am typing this message. Although recent accounts have risen that the YGO! plague is in recession, scientists still ponder whether or not humanity is as smart as it really shows itself to be by falling for the same cartoons and cards concept as before.

Well, thats my three cents into the problem for ya.


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Did Yu-Gi-Oh in fact imitate Magic, since Magic had face-down creatures ala Mask of Illusion first? :p


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Honestly... I think Richard Garfield did his best work by implementing the face down idea in a greater manner...



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I'd have to say so - as NetRunner has the traps that Yu-gi-oh tries to implement...

It also uses dice rolling... and hand manipulation...

It also has you complete objectives or goals to win...

A mighty impressive game if I do say so myself...