Lunch Battles, Battle 3: Dimir vs. Izzet

Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by Golgari Thallid, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. Golgari Thallid Creature-Zombie Fungus

    This one was really good for trying out a new deck. Usually I don't win the first game I play with a deck, but I got the perfect hand this time. ^_^

    So it was Me vs. Scott in a war for the ages.

    I win the CMC choice. I choose to go second.

    I draw. Glimpse the Unthinkable, Panoptic Mirror, Dimir Aqueduct, Swamp, Muddle the Mixture, Induce Paranoia, Island. Seeing the best combo my deck can possibly produce, I keep. So does Scott.

    Scott plays an Island, then passes to me. I play a Swamp and end my turn. He plays a Mountain, then uses Telling Time. He then proceeds to pass to me. I play the Dimir Aqueduct and then end. He plays a Mountain and also sets down Izzet Signet. It then becomes my turn, and I play a Swamp. I play the card I drew, Dimir Infiltrator. Scott is up, and plays a second Izzet Signet after playing an Island. He then plays a Gelectrode and passes to me.

    I draw and Island, which I play. Then I end my turn. Scott plays a Mountain and then taps a Signet and some other mana to play a Gilded Lotus. Knowing what gigantic spells and Replicate spells he has, I begin to get a bit anxious. However, I know to save the counter spells for the others. He was plotting something....He tapped Gelectrode for 1 to me.
    Me: 19
    Scott: 20

    Playing the Swamp, I put out Panoptic Mirror. Scott gets a weird look in his eye, which usually means he's got something up his sleeve. I pass to him. Drawing, Scott becomes excited, which is never good for me. Playing a Mountain, Scott plays Wall of Deceit. Knowing this couldn't have been what he was so excited about, I keep my cool. It is soon my turn, and I draw a card. Imprinting Glimpse on Panoptic Mirror, I sit back and enjoy the look on Scott's face: one of confindence and happiness!?!

    Drawing, Scott plays out the card Confiscate, which allows him to steal Panoptic Mirror along with Glimpse the Unthinkable...or so he thought. I used Induce Paranoia, not only protecting my combo, but also speeding up the process of decking out. My turn, and I play an Island after putting the top 10 cards of Scott's library into the graveyard. I also play a Vedalken Entrancer. Scott still looks pretty confident for someone who's losing his deck constantly, so I left two Islands open for Muddle the Mixture.

    Scott grins ear to ear as he plays another Mountain and plays Warp World, once again trying to get rid of Mirror + Glimpse. I was SO glad I saved Muddle the Mixture, which I played, thus receiving some repect and some choice words. He zaps me for 1 with Gelectrode and ends.
    Me: 18
    Scott: 20

    Another turn, another 10 cards. And....another 10 cards with my second Glimpse. And 2 more with Vedalken Entrancer. Just imagine this scene 5 times over without the second Glimpse and you'll have the rest of the match.

    Until next time, these are the lunchtime battles.
  2. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    Counterspells save the day!

    What did his deck look like? What cards are the 'gigantic' spells in his deck?
  3. Golgari Thallid Creature-Zombie Fungus

    Flame Wave, Tidespout Tyrant, Jiwari, The Earth Aflame, Two Headed Dragon. Jiwari I don't worry about so much, It's the others that he has.

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