looking for an online store



Out of the game for a while, I'm back and looking to rebuild my collection from scratch. I'm looking for an online magic store where I can buy a big pile of all the really good commons from the time span 4th ed/Fallen Empires to the present. The sort of stuff that goes into most every deck. Probably would look for some uncommons as well. I figure the most cost efficient thing to do would be to buy them all at once, so I'm looking for a store with a big inventore that sells common singles 4 at a time and has most everything. I'm new to online magic shopping, and was wondering if a store like that existed.


I have a huge box of commons (most from third ed. revised and up, some from before then) that I would be willing to sell to ya. I would have to go through them and give you a ball park of what I have. I sell CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP (I recently quit my job and have not found another yet!). IF you want me to go ahead and go through them, I will. Just leave a post here and I will get back to you within a day or two. Other than that, I have no idea where to get cards online from. Since I am broke, I have never had to worry about this.

I have references from ebay (darthferret42) and my own sense of honor (I am the soundboard operator at my church).


You could buy playsets of commons and uncommons from each expansion. Lots of stores do this since it's profitable, reduces shortages of power commons, and comes naturally when sorting the whole store's inventory. Something like

Playset (4x of each) Mirrodin Commons: $$$
Playset (4x of each) Mirrodin Uncommons: $$$
Playset (4x of each) Darksteel Commons: $$$
Playset (4x of each) Darksteel Uncommons: $$$

I've had some tournament playing do this. They proxy everything for playtesting and then build the final deck they are going to play by borrowing the rares from people like me, casual players.

I buy a booster box of each expansion. That usually gives me 4+ each common, 2x each uncommon, and 36 rares for decks and jumpstarts my trading.

If you just want lots of Magic cards, buying Booster Boxes is the most efficient.

If you only want certain cards, buying packs and boosters is a terrible idea; you should just shell out cash for singles or playsets. I prefer buying in playsets, like "4x Badlands RV NM" from eBay.

The best prices on singles for me has been www.CardShark.com