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  1. andrew New Member

    limited resource is a card that most people ignore or dont use properly.

    i`ve been at it trying to work it into a deck,and i`ve only found 2 ideas that work pretty good, red/white with pllges and other LD to lock down the opponent,then toss out a creature to kill of the opponent,usually a craven giant backed up bye some spot removal.

    then there is the white/green version with green LD and mana elvs,along with cards the fetch land (like rampat growth) kill card is a auratog pumped with a rancor or a rancored elf.

    id be realy cool to use both with tithes.

    im tryin to get the cards for a "limited time"deck,if anybody has the cards to make this deck,tell me how it works out. k

    "Magic,Money,and Mayhem....the three best things in life"
  2. theorgg Slob

    are you sure you play CASUALLY?

    I'm bigger than I think, I think.
  3. andrew New Member

    i play casual most of the time,thng is that i have to get cards by winning a tourny every now and then.its just that im broke,not pro.

    "Magic,Money,and Mayhem....the three best things in life"

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