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    Inspired by Grifith_se 's question about Lifeline and Exhume...
    Here is a trivia question.

    If life line is in play, I cast Wrath of god, ALL creatures go to the Graveyard. At the end of turn there are no creatures. Do the creatures that died from Wrath of god come back?

    Please support your answer with a reson why they would or wouldnt.

    I actually stumpped a level one judge, but found a specific ruling in oracles where this was the expample.
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    Here is the lifeline ruling that talks about the same situation:

    If more than one creature is in play and all the creatures in play go to the graveyard at once (such as with Wrath of God), then all of them are returned at end of turn. [WotC Rules Team 98/10/18] This is because all "leaves play" triggers that check the state of the game check the game state at the time right before the card left play. See Rule A.4.21. [D'Angelo 98/11/17]
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    HAHAHA..Well Nodnard. That put a damper on my arguements for this post. I was hoping to get a bunch of replies, but with that last reply, I think it about closed my question.

    Thanks anyways :)

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