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Discussion in 'New & Returning Members' started by Craven, Sep 25, 2001.

  1. Craven Lord of Storms

    Hi everyone!
    I have just subscribed here and wanted to introduce myself. I'm a german student and play Magic since 4th Edition, but only for fun. So, that's all for the moment I think. I don't have any idea what to add.
  2. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

  3. maraud234 Sir Psycho Sexy

    Welcome and stuff.
  4. Mr.Gnome The Great Flaming Gnome

    Hey! Howdee! Hiya! (and other assorted greetings)
    These are things I say, I really wouldn't have it any other way! I like Gnomes and you should to, If you don't you must be a Chu! Playin magical cards is kewl, if ya think my rhyms suck then u must be a fool, spitting-slug is a funny word, in my opinion it is quite absurd! Believe in the power and bow to the gnomes and they will bring much power 2 your homes, This iz all i gots to say if ya want sum more then u gots ta pay!

    So Ha! I am da KEWLEST!!!
    So welcome and stuff
  5. MrXarvox The Prettiest Man Alive

    I.... amme.... thee.... conzummate jewelry manne! yes, I mizzpell thyngs onne purpose forre funne, ande I make zhinie thyngs to gaze upon in woooooooooooooonder!!!!!

    I becomme morre inzane att nyght, dyurynge the daye I am qvyte sane and make much senze. Uzuallie.
  6. Gerode Becoming a Lurker Again

    Welcome to the CPA! :D

    Afraid of us yet?
  7. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    *Ransac is still out of his funk enough to porperly welcome someone.*

    Someone pulled the fire alarm at 3:15 AM this morning. When someone has a definite name, he/she's gonna be walking around with three shoes: Two on his/her feet and one in his/her oink.


  8. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Welcome to college life. Invariably drunk people or people burning things in the microwave late at night are the common causes of being awakened for a jaunt outside :)
  9. Goku Sylvan Warrior

    Welcome to the CPA!

    Ah... no witty comments today.

    I need pudding.

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