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Discussion in 'Rules Questions' started by Ophidian, Apr 6, 2000.

  1. Ophidian New Member

    Ok, I have a very important question. Let's say I have a Grave Pact in play, and I play a Jinxed Ring. I immediately sac a dink to give the jinxed ring to another player. Will the jinxed ring be in his/her control when the grave pact effect forces them to sac on of their creatures? I am not very sure about the timing on this one. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Legend Master New Member

    Yes, your opponent will control the ring, here's why:
    --You sac a creature to activate the ring
    --The ring's ability goes on the stack
    --Grave Pact's ability goes on the stack
    --Grave Pact resolves assuming no other fast effects, your opponent sacs a creature
    --The ring's ability resolves, and your opponent retains it.

    Since you control both effects, you could actually choose to put the Grave Pact effect on the stack first, but the result is the same.

    And don't let someone fool you by saying "Well I choose this creature for the Pact, but I sac it to the ring instead." That doesn't work. What really happens is that your opponent has put another ability on the stack, so the Pact must wait to resolve again. Of course, then you can always sac another creature to the ring and then force your opponent to sac two creatures :)

    Hope this helps.
  3. ChasDen Moderator

    Here is what you are looking for:

    Whenever any card is put into your graveyard from play, Jinxed Ring deals 1 damage to you. <Sacrifice a creature>: Target opponent gains control of Jinxed Ring permanently.

    A.2.1 - Activated abilities are written as "<-cost->: <-effect->"
    A.2.3 - The cost is paid and the ability is placed on the stack (see Rule T.2) when the ability is announced (see Rule T.4). The effect happens when the ability resolves (see Rule T.6). [CompRules 99/04/23]

    So as payment you sac a creature as cost to donate the ring, opponent must sac a creature because of grave pact, then they get the ring on resolution.
  4. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    <nitpick>Technically, the Jinxed Ring's ability is put onto the stack, then the sacrifice is performed. One little-used (it hardly ever matters) fact of the Classic Rules is that costs are paid as the last step of playing a spell/ability. This means that the Grave Pact's triggered ability must go on after the Jinxed Ring's, so it will always resolve first.
    Also, don't forget that the Jinxed Ring has an ability (deal 1 damage) that triggers at the same time as the Grave Pact's.</nitpick>

    Also, this is sort of a combo.
    You can activate the Jinxed Ring a number of times in a succession of responses. When you're done, the Grave Pact triggers will go onto the stack - one for each creature you sacrificed.
    If you have more creatures than your opponent (and enough life to handle the damage you're gonna take) you can wipe out his creatures and leave him with a Jinxed Ring.

    On that note, it looks like you might be trying to give your opponent the Ring and have him take damage from the creature Grave Pact makes him sac. This won't work of course, as the creature will already be in hi graveyard by the time the Ring ability resolves.
  5. Ophidian New Member

    Turtle, are you saying that I can activate the ring multiple times before my opponent 'recieves' it? Oh, and I have another question. The ring says that the exchange is permanent. Can my opponent sac a creature to give it back to me? And is the ring controlled by me even after I give it to someone else. Good picking up on the damage part, turtle. That was my next question.
  6. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    Exactly right. You simply respond to one sacrifice with another; repeat until you have got rid of as many creatures as you want. Then they will resolve. The first (last-played) one will turn over the Jinxed Ring to your opponent, and the others will attempt to do the same thing, but fail to do anything. Doesn't matter though - you've already sacrificed the cretures (and he's sacced a few of his thanks to your Grave Pact).

    The "permanently" in the text was just to remind us that the effect continues past the end of the turn. Nowadays, "permanently" is the default duration of an effect.

    No, you no longer control the Jinxed Ring as of the moment the first of its activations resolves. Your opponent becomes the controller and will begin taking damage for putting cards in his graveyard, as well as use it's ability to give it back to you.

    Think of it as Magic "hot-potato." ;)

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