Ok, now go with me here. As far as I can discern, this is how the sets are broken down, in as far as when the took place:

1) Urza's Block
2) Ice Age
3) Mirage
4) Rath Cycle
5) Mercadian Masques

Everyone knows that Phyrexia invades Dominaria. My question is, which Invasion will this set be about? Is this the big war which brings on the Ice Age, the one for which Urza has been preparing since the end of the Brother's War? Or is this going to involve the wussies from the Weatherlight crew, and take place after Mercadian Masques? Who knows?

What's your opinion?

Gumby Khan

Sure hope your right about Urza! Would love to see the Whimper-light posse go down in flames and never return. I like Greven better than Gerry-tard guy! What's with that Karn? Is he some kind of super-trash can full of crap? Karn-Legendary Hefty bag. Crovax should've been evil from the get-go. That hell/heaven conflict with his angel has been done to death, but still is better than most of the Whiney-light-beer plot twists. Oooh, Mirri and Orim have a thing for Geritol. Never heard of two women falling for the main character...Oh, better stop this rant, my blood pressure is rising and I'm out of Nitro pills. Wake me up when the Wussy-light crashes and Volrath wipes his a$$ with Tangarth's loin-cloth!

p.s. if this offends anybody, take a pill and call me at 968-7825 (YOU-SUCK). :p


I personally believe that thew Invasion set is about the Phyrexian invasion of Dominaria!! :eek:


Okay, there Urza's Block took place throughout the entire history of magic. I think the end of destiny marked the beggining of Gerrards birth. Phtrexia has not attacked yet, that will be in the new set INVASION. Anyway, heres the order of things...

Ice Age Block
Miorage Block
Rath Block
MM block
INvasion Block


mogg bomber

The Phyrexian Invasion(which Urza has been preparing for since the end of the Brothers War) will involve both Urza and the Weatherlight crew(who are unknowingly working for Urza). Urza wasn't even near Dominaria during the Ice Age, which was caused by the Brothers War.


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I totally agree with FoR, Garfobo, and Mogg Bomber.
Gumby: Compared to Urza, yes the Weatherlight CREW is a wuss. But their not THAT bad. Besides, Mirri is dead. In addition the Weatherlight is an awesome ship. If you knew about the armaments, you'd agree.
Plus, Gerrard is important to Urza's Legacy and without him Dominaria is screwed.
Oh, you'd also might consider moving your threaf to the Battle Arena, since it's a flame.:)

Ihsans Shade

If any of you have read the artifacts cycle books you would have peiced together what is going to happen.

Hear is what I can tell about prophecy:)
The Keldorans have a prophecy that when all the warlord graves are filled all of them will rise, led by the greatest of them all. They will then go across the plains of Dominaria, and rule the world.

About invasion:
It will probaly include both Urza, and the Weatherlight. In the artifacts cycle books you read about how Urza builds the Legacy, and the Bloodlines project, which both Gerrard and Hanna are a part of.(read the books.) From there I haven't the slightest clue, but I hope that since Greven is free from Volrath that he will some how show up and kick some Phyrexian rear.

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OK, There are some details that I think have been overlooked by the general populus.

1 - The rath Cycle kicked off a 5 year storyline. WotC said that they plan on The Rath cycle to start a story line which would take the game through june 2002. So Invasion cycle will not be the last one.

2 - Terefri is now a Planeswalker. I know this becasue if you look into the Mirage history you see that mirage involve Jamuara and Terefri and it says he is a planeswalker.

3 - Yawgmoth can't leave Phyrexia! He is only a human who sits in the center sphere controling the world. If he comes out he dies!

4 - The ultimate battle will be between Urza (not Gerrard or Sissay) and Yawgmoth (not Crovax or Volrath). And lets not loose sight of the fact that Dominaria is the heart of the Multiverse and a Multiverse is needed for ALL OTHER PLANESWALKERS to EXSIST, so don't be suprised if Urza gets some help from his Walkin' buddies!

We really have no right to b!tch about the storyline because all and all it is pretty decent. WotC could have left us with the story line to homelands and not given us Urza or Yawgmoth.

Cateran Overlord

In terms of the actual sets, the storyline breaks up as such:

Antiquities---------------Urza's Saga
The Dark-----------------Urza's Saga
Ice Age Block-----------Urza's Saga
Urza's Legacy
Urza's Destiny
Mirage Block
Tempest Block
MM Block
Invasion Block

Invasion is when Rath and Dominaria merge, and allow the Phrexians to return "home." It's what Urza's been planning for all this time.