I was wrong and everyone else is right

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    So after another miserable night of playing my W/u/ White Weenie I have to agree that this version is not working. I did get to play Winnow on a kicked Kavu Titan which was fun. And I never drew Winnow and wished it was something else. Nor was the Lieutenant disappointing. Only one time did I have one in play and one in hand and it was holding off a Mystic Enforcer with Threshold. but to tell you how bad it was I lost to a straight red deck. true it was because I forgot Aegis of Honor affected Earthquakes so I really can't blame the deck.

    So here is another attempt at making a tourney worthy type 2 deck.

    Give me Life
    4-Confessor(will get very good during Torment)
    4-Spectral Lynx
    4-Venerable Monk
    4-Voice of All
    2-Staunch Defenders
    2-Desolation Angel
    1-Gerard Capashan

    4-Life Burst
    2-Wrath of God
    2-Death Grasp

    4-Caves of Koilos

    I don't have a sideboard yet. With all the bounce around I was thinking that having creatures that give me life wouldn't be bad.
    Let me know what you think

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