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    Wasn't sure which board to post this on, but I wanted to share a post I came across on The Mana Drain, which I thought was an excellent example of an important point in deckbuilding for any variant of Constructed Magic.

    This is regarding Vintage Workshop Aggro decks, but I've seen the same point made for other formats. It applies almost anywhere, but it can be tough to process and, especially for inexperienced deckbuilders (or ones who, like me, are experienced but are bad anyway), the truth of the matter can be overwhelming.

    When trying to construct or emulate an existing deck, it is generally not optimal to substitute unavailable cards with cards that do something similar on a one-for-one basis. It pays to reconsider the function of the deck as a whole and make thoughtful changes.

    This topic comes up more in tournament focused formats and less in casual discussion, but I think it applies to deck construction across the board. Especially when expensive cards are involved and players are trying to build on a budget. I believe it's even been raised here at the CPA, and is probably nothing new to the people here. But I liked the way Andy "Brass Man" Probasco handled it in this case. He explained the concept succinctly and offered multiple alternatives to the person who originally asked for advice.

    For context, here's the original query...

    Here's his response...

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    Reminds me of the thesis to Malcolm Gladwell's "David and Goliath", which was basically, underdogs should adopt different tactics than the favorites, even if those tactics are not the dominant strategy. If you want to win and you can't be the best, then it's better to be different, than just a worse version of the best.
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