First Dissension experiences..

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  1. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    After a lot of drafts and sealed (dissension only) my friends and I noticed several things:

    • The Guildmages are insane!
      Rakdos Guildmage is just too nasty, turning every land you draw into a Enfeeblement. Simic totally turns (mirror)games around (allowing you to kill Graft creatures simply by moving all their counters to a creature tapped down with the Minister of Impediments).
      Azorius Guildmage is usually game. :mad:
    • Rakdos vs the Other
      Within dissension, you are either playing Rakdos (splashing another color is difficult to say the least) or some WBG concoction. Unfortunately...
    • the Other wins
      Only on rare occasions (for instance, if Rakdos was horribly underdrafted) a Rakdos deck will kill a WBG player before their deck stabilizes and wins. Simple rule: Good Rakdos << Mediocre Azorius/Simic deck.
    • Keep your hand sideways..
      .. or else opponents will know when you are holding a split card :)
    • Uncommons which were better than I expected them to be:
      Paladin or Prahv
      Azorius Herald
      Gnat Alley Creeper (there are just so many flyers!)
      Kindle the Carnage
      Squealing Devil
      Flash Foliage
      Might of Nephilim

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