Feedback Thread: Innovate Your Casual Holiday Magic

Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by Spiderman, Nov 30, 2017.

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    The article is here, discuss away!
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    Some day Psarketos will run out of ways to use Worldfire!

    But today is not that day.
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    I would <3 that comment if it were an option.
  4. Psarketos Member

    A few brief notes on my play experiences with the Balefire deck. If you start with a Devoted Druid in hand, there is a reasonable chance that you can get a Vizier and the mana combo into place on your turn 3, potentially finding and placing the Vizier through casting a Genesis Hydra. That makes for a fun mechanics demonstration in the early game, sometimes with each player only having two lands in play.

    On the other hand, the deck is not so fine tuned or consistent that your opponent is going to feel that the only way to beat you is in the first few turns. One of the variety of ways the deck can play out is a 7/7 Genesis Hydra on turn 4 that does not find a missing component of the combo, and instead becomes a three turn clock in classic green aggro deck style.

    One of the more obscure interactions in the deck is that the permanent that Genesis Hydra puts onto the battlefield enters before the Genesis Hydra itself resolves and enters the battlefield, meaning that it can trigger a Fathom Mage that it finds to evolve it and draw a card, or put Cloudstone Curio onto the field and then immediately use it to bounce back an Eternal Witness or a previous Genesis Hydra and in that way give effective access to a copy of Tooth and Nail (potentially through Rune-Scarred Demon) to find further elements like Grand Abolisher and Verdant Eidolon.
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    Two very minor revisions after a lot more great games with the Balefire deck:

    -1 Fathom Mage
    -1 Loaming Shaman

    +1 Chancellor of the Tangle
    +1 Soul of the Harvest

    Chancellor accelerates the "best possible" speed of the deck to a second turn win, casting Devoted Druid turn 1 and then potentially adding Vizier and the combo turn 2 even with only a single land in play (utilizing Unbridled Growth). It can also serve as a solid defense and aggro piece when mana is plentiful but the combo is elusive, a quality shared by the simplifying Soul of the Harvest for library draw.

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