Exit Stage East



I'm outta here, ladies and gentlemen! :) Leaving in about 8 hours to go to Europe. Which means that by the time you see this post, my 'puter is off and won't be back on 'til the 21 of July. I may be able to stop by once or twice and leave you guys some of my words of anti-wisdom, but not very often... More likely, I'll spend my time with emails. This means that Child of Gaea is now the guy to ask for nicknames, until I return.

It also means you'll be forced to go through life without a really sarcastic and annoying Founder to mess up your decks and stuff... :)

"God, I'm gonna miss my GF..."

Child of Gaea

For any nickname requests, please email me at:


I will get it taken care of ASAP!