Ertai's revenge

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  1. Azreal the Soulmaster Sorrow's Rhapsody

    okay your simple blue/black but with the spice of white

    1 Ertai, the Corrupted
    1 Dromar, the Banisher
    2 Doomsday specter
    2 ravenous rats
    2 voice of all
    2 stormscape familiar
    2 stormscape battlemage
    2 phyrexian scuta
    2 nether spirit
    4 warped devotion
    2 seal of removal
    4 recoil
    2 washout
    2 rushing river
    2 orims chant
    2 teferi's moat
    8 swamp
    8 plains
    8 island
    2 dromar's cavern

    obvioulsy with this deck i get to play around with warped devotion, the typical bounce spells for it, i have the teferi's moat and the orims chants for insurance
    doomsday specters add vicious discard
    the scuta's and voice's add for some beating
    and the nether spirits fuel Ertai, and if they don't have any cards in their hand to cast spells, well then he is big enough to dish out beating now

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