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  1. Lets say I have creatures in play in which I can make mine or my opponents creatures into any type of creatures. At the end of my opponents turn I say I use the ability of one of my creatures and turn one of my creatures into a (Beast) will that stay a beast until the end of my turn or does the ability stop once I untap?
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    A card like this?

    Creature -- Wizard
    {T}: Choose a creature type other than Legend or Wall. Target creature's type becomes that type until end of turn.

    The Imagecrafter's ability lasts "until the end of turn", which is different from "at the end of turn." You can play the ability, but it will always wear off at the end of the current turn. This is different from (pre-errata) Waylay*, since it specifies "at the end of turn".

    313. End of Turn Step

    313.1. The end of turn step begins with the active player having priority. All "at end of turn"-triggered abilities trigger and go on the stack. Then players may play spells and abilities.

    313.2. If "at end of turn"-triggered abilities are created or if cards with "at end of turn"-triggered abilities come into play after preexisting ones have already gone on the stack at the beginning of the end of turn step, those abilities won't go on the stack until the next turn's end phase. In other words, the step doesn't "back up" so new "at end of turn"-triggered abilities can go on the stack.

    314. Cleanup Step

    314.1. The cleanup step proceeds in the following order.

    314.1a First, if the active player's hand contains more cards than his or her maximum hand size (normally seven), he or she discards enough cards to reduce the hand size to that number. This action doesn't go on the stack.

    314.1b Then, simultaneously, all damage is removed from permanents and all "until end of turn" and "this turn" effects end. This action doesn't go on the stack.

    314.1c Then, only if the conditions for any state-based effects exist or if any abilities have
    triggered, the active player receives priority to play spells and abilities. Once the stack is
    empty and both players pass, another cleanup step begins. Otherwise, no player receives
    priority and the step ends.

    (- Steve -)

    EDIT: * It still says "at the end of turn". But before the errata, you could play it at the end of your opponent's turn and they wouldn't be removed until "at end of turn" on your turn and you could attack with them. Now Waylay says "Play only during combat." Just thought I should clear that up.
  3. ok,thanks. I think that clears up things.

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