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  1. Desolatin (visions)

    at the end of each turn,each player who tapped a land for mana during that turn,sacrifices a land. If a plains is sacrificed in ths way,desolation deals 2 damage to that plains controller.

    My question is.
    If I tap 5 lands on my turn, do i sacrafice 5 lands? Or just one.
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  3. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    I think FoR means, "Just one." In which case he'd be correct.

    Technical info:

    When the End-of-turn trigger resolves, the game just wants to know for each player, "Did this player tap a land for mana this turn?"

    It doesn't care how many.
  4. ok,thanks I just wanted to be sure.

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