Crispy Bacon

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  1. Major Crime New Member

    This is not my deck idea, it's a friend's. Mike is way into themed decks, and or weird deck names, this is the best name he's used so far for a deck.

    4x Pygmy Razorback
    4x Warthog
    3x Argothian Swine
    3x Durkwood Boars
    2x Slyvan Libuary
    3x Rancor
    1x Might of Oaks
    4x Kindle
    3x Giant Growth
    1x Creeping Mould
    4x Incenarate
    4x Lighing bolt
    2x Fireball
    2x Disintergrate
    1x Flag ship
    1x Power Matrix

    4x Taiga
    4x Kal' Forest
    4x Treetop Village
    1x Yavimaya Hollow
    1x Reflecting Pool
    6x Forest

    I know I cannot spell, also mike's writing is on par with most doctor's.
    This deck works ok for a fun deck. So all make up the deck & go cook that bacon!

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