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    Today's Invitationalist format is something I found quite intriguing: Create Your own Standard. You're allowed to take any two blocks from Ice Age to Lorwyn and any core set from 5th to 10th and build a deck out of it. The only banned cards are cards banned in their Block format.

    Here's the link to the decklists the competitors made.

    Some people went with older strategies (Tiago Chan rebuilt his Saproling Cluster/Fecundity deck from 2001 Worlds, Jelger Wiegersma built a carbon copy Mirari's wake deck, and Craig Jones built a Mirage/Tempest Red Sligh deck), while other players combined two very synergetic strategies (Frank Karsten went undefeated in the format with a Odyssey/Ravnica Psychatog/Dredge deck). I laughed with I noticed that some people chose a block for only 1 card (adding Squee to Survival of the Fittest/Recurring Nightmare).

    What types of deck would YOU make?

    Ransac, cpa trash man

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